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I think the thing Filianore's is clenching, judging by the artbook, is not an egg, but a geode. Google them, they are some sort of mineral formation with a rocky exterior and its insides hollow and full of crystals. Maybe it is were the dark soul was found. It would make sense, since its shell is pale like a soul and its hollow core (which would have been housing pure darkness in the middle of the first flame) is full of curse crystals



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That's a really interesting theory, nice one!
Though my question is: would a geode crumble like that with a very light touch? I mean, even for a pretty thin and hollow geode, that thing folded like wet toilet paper. I wonder how it ever took the weight of Filianores arms and head when it crumbles like a gummybear in a meatshredder when we just look at it.
Instead of being where the dark soul was found, what if it was being contained? Perhaps the dark soul seeped out where the geode/egg became cracked. I like to toy with the idea that was why the ringed city is also not enclosed in a full "ring", you can see the opening in the cliff which appears as if it had broken or been destroyed just like the egg.
The ringed city is the egg, look around, you're in a shell, with crystals in it just like the concept art depicts.
Illusion? Yep, as you fly in you pass through some thick turbulent yellow clouds, then the sky is just yellow, like a golden sorcery of Oolacile, and the darksign is gone from the sun.
It's probably been said before, Im not trying to sound overconfident about the theory, just telling you my view of things.


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Totally agree with you. It's like if what she's holding is a vessel, an illusion that you shatter when touch it
It's not an illusion. The Ringed City is not the egg. The egg is just what keeps her asleep.
I thought what we see after this sequence, is the end of the world. The ABSOLUTE end. Gael is there, about to literally kill every single living being left to prepare the creation of a new painted world, is he not? With the dark soul?
When first heard of her in the dlc I was hoping she was the pygmy that found the dark soul. Thought that would be kinda cool.
I always thought Manus was the furtive pygmy, since it seemed like the original lords were still around in ds1. Plus it states that Manus used to be human. Also he has the Dark Soul.
But the fact that Manus isn't in the ringed city, where the dark soul has been resting since after the war with the dragons, should make it impossible that Manus is actually carrying the original dark soul, but rather a humanity run wild like all the other things in oolacile.
Manus is obv not the furtive pigmy - also more than one od them exists
You guys are all wrong lmao. The Dark Soul was used to create humans itself, Manus' soul itself has very similarities to Gaels which is a mirror to the Dark Soul.
Manus is the literal father of the Abyss, the all consuming dark void. No other Pygmy would be strong enough to spawn something so incredible. The Abyss was obviously here before, but Manus awoken it somehow and started it's spreading. Hard to believe that any other person other than the one who found the Dark Soul itself can contain something like that. I'm going with the fact that the Ringed City houses the Dark Soul and Manus left it here and the city was built around it's magnificence. He was drought to slumber and awoken by the Oolacile residents and went mad because of that and his pendant. No other being would be powerful enough to contain the Abyss which also has direct contact to the Dark Soul itself (humans, read the Ringed Knight equipment) other than the Pygmy himself.
But hey, Dark Souls 3 has been known to contradict lore, so...
As she is another beautiful goddess you can seemingly repeat seeing, has anyone tried to kill her? I'm curious if she just wakes up and I don't have the game, but interested in the lore, or if it's some kind of secret.
Nothing happens if you attacks her.
It seems to me that thing in her hands is very similar to Vargants from DS1.
"Don't worry, I haven't forgotten, Mother."
-Painter in Ariandel-
The Painter is a daughter of Priscilla. If you look she also has scales and other indications she's a crossbreed like Priscilla and Yorshka. Plus you also find Priscillas tower in the painted world.
I agree with the other commenter, but I'm curious if Yorshka might actually be Filianore's child. I think the egg she'd holding may have contained a dragon/divine hybrid, and she may have... laid it *shudders*
Is she actually a daughter of Gwyn? It would contradict the lore.
a lot of people kill themselves near her with bloodlust
anyone knows y?
Maybe some "fake" bloodstains left by From that are lore related and maybe it's not the bloodlust but the darkdrift.
A lot of people can spell properly. Anyone knows why this person couldn't do something as simple as writing "why" properly when he already wrote that whole sentence?
you know , those bloodstains probably come from people who were fighting gael
i would rather kill myself than her tbh
Didn't see anyone mention this, but she is almost certainly a reference/homage to the girl in the anime Angel's Egg (which was obviously one of the inspirations for all of dark souls).
Just looked it up and I had no idea Yoshitaka Amano was the artist for that, you can actually see her style in the way Filianore is gracefully resting her head, it's reminiscent of some of the Final Fantasy title logos. Good eye!