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You can come up behind him and initiate the boss battle by atatcking him if you go over Cran's Pass into the Ruined Temple and then follow the path up and to the right. You will come over some blue stairs and end right up in his giant buttcrack.
Yea did this by accident by following the basic progress guide and had such a nightmare trying to find a sanctuary! Didnt want to teleport all the way back to Cran
Or you Fight The Coveted first and then butter his arse nicely.
I think this boss is difficult to fight without blocking once he initiates the body slam move. The hit boxes cover almost the entire boss arena!
Can't dodge anything but the strike in front of him, because this guy is such a fatass.
Does little damage, luckily.
I mean seriously if you can block his attacks he's really very boring to fight
This boss can be skipped by passing through Cran's Pass, but you'll still have to kill the Dried King to get the Dart Brand.
I messed up a dart brand jump and fell down in his arena, normally the fall should have killed me but it didn't...
Same happened to me lol then i just killed the boss the first try
There is a shortcut/sequence break possible. You go left from the Ziggurat Sanctuary and drop down where the first enemy is. You continue to go left and you need the Hardlight Brand to continue here. There wikll be a gap that you cannot jump over without the Dart Brand. Jumping down anyways you either land on a platform receiving some fall damage or receive no fall damage because you grab the ledge. You can continue to the left, down the stairs. At the bottom you go to the right and can drop down. The fall will not kill you. To the left is a candle and to the right is the Boss.