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please someone confirm that these make your footsteps quieter and thus easier to sneak up on enemy.



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In case your wondering about the part that says "they are dampened and indelibly stained with the misery of flight" it means that who ever wore this either peed or pooped himself while wearing it... just a fun fact
It could of also just been a pun. I imagine it was possible it could be dampened and stained by simply fleeing through say forests and such, and possibly having to endure rain and mud.

In the end tho, it is just up to everyone to interpret how these... "knights" embarrassed themselves so.
They're found in a nasty swamp. I'm pretty sure that he just slogged through that nasty swamp before he died so they became stained
Fun fact, last person who wore these soiled himself.
Fun fact:
The Fallen Knight Trousers use an altered version of the Knight Leggings, albeit with the greaves and sabatons removed, plus a tweaked texture and slightly widened model.
Huh, never noticed that description. Well that is erm.....interesting~
you people are completely taking out of context the stained part. Stained does not = soiled, and look where it is found the great swamp extreamly wet and dirty place ie the knight fled combat and the armor was stained with the muck and grime of him trying to get as he fled.


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"they are dampened and indelibly stained with the misery of flight." They are not merely stained, but stained by the "Misery of flight" IE: They were stained while someone was running away afraid. They're piss pants, sorry to wreck your fantasy.



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Piss and, most likely,***** as well xD