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I thought you had to be human to basically do anything with other players
if you run out just put down a summon sign and kill the boss or collect enough souls.
no, burning an effigy should block out invasions and disables you to invade another player, but only as long as you are in that area, plus it doesnt block out npc invasions like forlorn
Don't burn effigies, that cause causes you to get invaded
What is happening? I burned an effigy and I still got invaded 30 seconds after.
What is happening? I burned an effigy and I still got invaded 30 seconds after.


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You just need to be human to summon other players
So if you run out you're screwed?
Either way you can put down a summon sign and still get summoned, you don't have to be human to help out someone else.
Effigy Farming: McDuff Shop attack dogs drop 1 effigy per 26 dogs on average while wearing +240 item discovery gear, human form, joined to Covenant of Champions. Have yet to try Shrine of Amana
Dragon Eye doesn't give you humanity if you defeat the host, only repairs your gear.
enemies for me are not spawning when im farming for them what is going on?!?
enemies in DkS2 despawn after you've killed them enough
Oh I thought enemies despawn when YOU die a number of times
You can fight most enemies 12 times - once when you first encounter them, and they'll respawn 11 times from resting at a bonfire. Joining the Company of Champions from the Victor's Stone in Majula will eliminate this counter, allowing you to respawn them as many times as you like so long as you remain in the covenant.
Help me with the 3 sentinels
Weak to maces and magic, rolling forward when they attack will avoid almost all attacks


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why does the burning effect activate without me doing anything?
It activates when you kill the area boss.It's like an automatic effect,but without having to burn a human effigy.
Attack the sisters in Things Bewtixt and the one with the ladle will drop 3x Humanity (SotfS) and the one that lets you respec drops 6x.

I did this at the very end of my game to bulk up.