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Need Help farming

PS4 IGN: Pawsx93_Pride
Does anyone want to farm shackles? I'll help in return.
Msg LobotomyForAll
On xbox one
anyone want to boost shackle for mound maker on ps4?

available everytime if i am not sleepy
i will sleep after this post . available around 30 minute to 2 hours from now

add my psn id: djskyjr with tag ds3 boost
if you have no friends and hate invading I know the best spot to farm these from mobs. Go to the Catacombs of Carthus bonfire and walk in backwards progression past the rolling skeletal hallway to the hallway with 2 patrolling red eyed carthus swordsman and the arrow traps. farm just these 2 and not the one further down as he takes 2 kills to loot. I found farming these very easy with my str heavy build using the paired greatswords, which allowed me to offhand crystal sages rapier for bonus item discovery and the farming is fast enuff where you can use the symbol of avarice. i also suggest you stay embered with way of blue because while farming I got invaded 2x by mad spirits who I promptly killed for shackles
Honetly the dufe who takes 2 kills seems to have a better drop rate for these.
Need to help farm shackles, msg
GeNeTTiC Reaper on Xbox one
I need to get one of these to get to next level and the spirit hasn't and won't summon for some reason, how do I get to next level without it, help please!


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still need help farming?
If anyone wants to farm this with me on PS4. I'm happy to take turns doing this.
PSN - Funk_You
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If anyone wants to farm this with me on PS4. I'm happy to take turns doing this.
PSN - Kingmefisto
Looking for a partner to farm this psn eduardonort
Anyone want to farm these with me? psn samooska1
Need help gettin a shackle, spirit hasn't invaded. I can't go meet the knight as I have beat the boss already without doing so and seems like I'm stuck, anyone help?
I need a partner to farm them with if youre interested..