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thats odd, i have 9 int and he followed me and got this weapon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
probably respeced
Lotheric Greatsword + Morion Blade (left hand) + bloodlust Katana + dragon torso buff + sacred oath + weapon art = one shot everything
Can't forget about Lightning blade to Add to it all
Also the red tearstone
Can some one dupe this for me.
Thanks in advance
Anyone willing to trade one or two?
PSN: Littlebiglazer28
This is not the place to ask for trades. Go to r/pumparum on reddit. You will have more success and leave this as a location for discussion and information about the weapon itself.
Did they have to make it so hard to kill him after you give him some scrolls
It sucks, yeah. But at least we got the sword and the gesture! Nevermind we're total bastards. ;-)
When do you get the quest?
Orbeck and Yuria both have to be in the Shrine. Then talk to Yuria.
If I've already done usurpation ending and Yuria has left firelink before I gave her Orbeck's ashes, do I have to do another journey in order to get it?
What does "PVP = additional modifier = 0.94*damage" mean?
Does it reduce my damage by 6%? I don't get it.
0.94 x dmg of your next Atk or spell added to the original Atk. it's a buff
So it almost DOUBLE my AR?? That's just insane! It can't be true. No, it must mean something else. Right?



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I'll update the wiki...
Compared to the PVE buff you lose 6% of your total damage. I have no idea what idiot phrased the part on the wiki though...
I don't get it ... In the replies of the last comment it was mentioned, that in PVP, you get an additional DMG of 94%. But in the Wiki, it's still written "losing %6". ... And if it stacks with the Red Tearstone Ring, why "losing %10"? ... It should be either additional 94% + 94% = 188% or additional 1.94 * 1.94 - 1 = 276% (so totally 376%). Or having the Red Tearstone Ring plus a Morion Blade in each hand, it would be 730% (1.94^3) in total! In this case, using a Morion Blade+5 on the right hand, against a player with an average Damage Absorbtion of 40%, it would cause a damage of 369 (with 50 STR and 20 DEX, according the weapon calculator) * 7.3 * (1 - 0.4) = 1'616! ...

Considering this unrealistic amount, I guess Wiki is right but not the replies of the last comment. Isn't it? Otherwise, it's just ridiculous!
In pvp the damage is increased by 20% and then multiplied by 0.96, so you do 6% less damage than you would in pve
Now, finally, I got it, too. :-) ... Thanks for the clarification!