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Can I enter ng+ if I have not purchased any dark souls DCL (currently have the base game)
Yes you can but trust me you want to get both dlcs as they're great.
jesus reached to lothric castle on my ng+4 and the mobs are hitting for 1000-1200 on each hit
Didn't know jesus played dark souls and reached lothric castle.


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It might be that you are not wearing gear adequate for dmg reduction for that area, and Lothric Castle is late game so, yeah, they are gonna hit you like a Mack truck just steamrolled your ***.
Thats because Jesus currently has the Calamity Ring on.
Jesus probably shouldn't have gone for a faith build
I'm on ng+5 and it's damn near impossible plus I'm level 204 so that makes it harder


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You should have tried NG+12 at SL275. The twin princes **** me over and over. In the end it took finding just the right player summoned to help get past them after 33 attempts.
While farming covenant items for achievements (PvE) it became clear that the Vertebra Shackles, Proof of Concord, and Sunlight Medals have dramatically lower drop rates - farming each individually was taking damn near forever.

What seemed to help! - cycling between the three respective farming zones and switching after a covenant item drops (also don't know if it's just me? but equipping the respective covenant insignia seemed to help)

Farming locations:
Sunlight Medals - Lothric Castle bonfire killing the three knights headed back towards the dancer

Proof of Concord - Anor Londo, first two knights up the stairs very easy to evade and backstab third knight is a bit sturdier so personal judgement call

Vertebra Shackles - Catacombs of Carthus, turn right from bonfire and kill two nearby shield swordsmen and one curved greatsword at end of hallway. Rinse and repeat or jump down and take out other swordsmen on the way to Wolnir. Two handed swordsman overlooking the broken bridge seemed to drop often for me.

(Soul level 229)
At 40 Luck (50 with Hollow Longsword +10 and Hollow Wargod Shield +10 equipped) and Symbol of Avarice / Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2 along with plenty of Rusted Coins, didn't take me more than a day or two to get all 30 items for each covenant.

Had to share - hope it helps someone.
Praise the sun *****es


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I am currently on NG+13 @ SL288 and the enemies are hitting harder and seem to take more dmg to kill. I don't if the NG+ system of more enemy health and dmg each NG cycle stops at NG+7, but it sure doesn't seem that way.
I'm currently on NG+4 (just started). I'm going to actually collect data for NG+7 and compare it with NG+8 and onward to determine if difficulty does increase. It would be disappointing if it didn't.



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Confused so after NG+3 you can't get more souls per mob kill or per boss kill? Maxes out at NG +3? Making that be the most efficient NG to farm souls or am I missing something there?
souls per kill scales with mob health and damage up to I believe 7. Only rings go up to +3.
I'm confused, so if you turn in all of the tomes and ashes to each respectable vendor, do the vendors just forget that and force you to turn those all in again?


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Yes. Think of it as though your character is traveling to an alternate dimension. Everything you bring with you stays the same, but basically the entire world, people included, are reset. (Well, with the exception of covenants and a few key things)
Can't start a new game there is no option at the fire link bondfire I have beaten every boss including the final boss, is it bugged or am I missing something, I've also beaten the dlcs
Have you seen the ending yet? You have to watch the ending and then you should be able to start new plus from the shrine bonfire
That's the thing I've beaten the final boss and seen the ending, and I still can't start journey 2 there's no option at the shrine bondfire
You have to have rested at the bonfire in the Kiln and watched whatever ending you've earned.
I can’t return to kiln because I’ve already beaten it, I’ve beaten it and all the dlc but still no journey 2 option


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Whether or not you beat the final boss, you still should have been able to access the kiln of the first flame...
You have to link the flame or whatever it says after you beat the boss at the bonfire that appears. You will then watch whatever ending you earned and be put back into the game. After that you will see the option at the shrine bonfire.
Is it possible if i'm playing a new plus game to help a friend who's still in new game?
Yes, as long as you use the same password, it doesn't care for your level or the number of you NG.
Is Co op still a thing in NG+? I wanna start NG+ but he says I Wong be able to play with him.
Yes, you can, just use the password option (Make sure host is embered or uses seek guidance)... Also, make sure that both of your covenants don't conflict with each other...