Arrange jolly co-operation, item trades and request overall game help


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Requesting Lorian's Greatsword +0 or +10 (dont mind either), and Red tearstone ring.
PSN: Syn_v3
Current Location: Cleansing Chapel
SL 51
current bonfire- smouldering lake
i want full set of firelink armor please :D if this thing still exists anyway....
So1odark7 psn
I'd really appreciate getting these items for my new character:

Priestess Ring
Darkmoon Ring
Silvercat Ring
Carthus Bloodring

PSN: Monochrome_Night

Most recent bonfire: Cliff Underside



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99 Souls of a Champion, 99 Souls of a Great Champion.

PSN: Darkvamp48

zhadoz7 is my friend, he probably wont be on when you give the items he wants, so he said to give them to me so I can drop for him later.
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99 Souls of a Champion, 99 Souls of a Great Champion, Moonlight Greatsword +0

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Request: Item transfer/acquisition for my SL(56) character

Item: Havel's Set

PSN: TheGamingXpert13

Current Location: High Wall of Lothric


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thanks for your help:

Item: Wolf's ring

PSN: Torpedete79

Current Location: Anor Londo
Request: Item transfer/acquisition for my SL(53) character

Item: Gael's Greatsword +5
PSN: jaded-one_
Current location: Vordt of the Boreal Valley bonfire


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Request: Faraam Armor Set
PSN: hekfiso
Current location: Undead Settlement

Edit: No longer needed.
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Requesting: Soul Stacks, Yorshka Chime, Demon's scar, pyromancer's parting flame, Follower Sabre, black knight shield ( all +0) fallen knight set of armor, Ring of favor and protection+3, life ring +3, cloranthy ring+3, havel ring +3

psn: IamOli_
current location: highwall of lothric ( new character )