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Quick quesiton - the upgrade table for both this and the Covian Great Scythe say that it causes high bleed aux when hollowed, even more so than when bleed infused. Is this true, or a typo (or not factoring in luck bonus from hololowing into scaling)? Because I'd love to run a hollowed build based around scythes
Hollow weapon infusion buffs damage due to hollowing level, and also buffs luck. Bleed scales off luck and thats why.
I'm playing PS4 version 1.00, and the headshot ... " weapon art " ... Isn't costing me any stamina. Was this patched? I haven't seen it written up here.
Never heard of this. It probably got patched as we are at version 1.05 now.
Just download the latest patch.
Plus you most certainly can't play online if your game isn't up to date.
Which scythe is better, this one or the great corvian scythe?
This one will be better in most situations, as it doesn't inflincts bleed on self, is lighter and has better dex scaling with sharp infusion.

Depending on your build, mostly if you don't go for a dex build, corvian might be better however.
Great corvian was buffed recently, apparently; at +10, it's got an S in Dex with sharp, and a B in Str and Dex on refined.

Not sure about stamina usage or self bleed buildup though. I'd suggest just comparing the stamina cost with corvian to check.
They should change the weapon art to the two handed attack the scythe of want from dark souls 2 had..
It seems from the table that a simple infused scythe would do crazy high damage.
The damage type switches based on range. Hitting with the blade portion deals slash damage, and hitting with the handle does impact. This was tested on the cage enemies in Dungeon, and the difference in damage is staggering. I just wanted to show the rest of you and have someone update the wiki for it.
The handle is useful against skeletons because of this
So, would this make the Great Scythe secretly a Slash/Strike weapon? What about the other reapers, does the same apply to them?

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Is something wrong here? it says simple infusion looks like it out powers a lot of other infusions damage wise. 210 magic damage plus scaling?!
its a typo 120 magic damage
It may not be that great, but it's fun. And it works pretty well as a backup weapon for my pyro build.