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Like many of you already know, the WA is a Wrath of the Gods, but with a windup that is so long anyone who knows what they are doing is either going to get away or punish you for using it.

I recommend that FROM improves the strength scaling on the weapon, and make the WA come out at least as fast as Mourne's Hammer.

For kicks and giggles I brought the Miracle Wrath of the Frogs and it was a blast, even at 40 faith. In fact I had so much fun with it and Emit Force that I may have to go make a cleric build featuring it now.



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I'll chat about this weapon, within the context of the Greatsword weapon class.

The weapon's Str/Fth scaling factors and base damage are on par with normal greatswords, such as the bastard sword, and claymore.
It is a suitable companion to anyone interested in the weapon art, faith nukes or body buffs, but not faith weapon buffs.

At lower SL / WRL mathematically it is outclassed by the Drakeblood Greatsword (as are all other greatswords), but shares an advantage of being relatively lighter than other greatswords.

This is the base build of how I would run it as a late area invader at SL69 / +10

It has enough armor poise to poise through light 1H/2H weapons while being 2-handed.
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