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Really wish I could get this without killing her, I really like Yorshka
Why does this scale with strength? As far as I know you cant go around smacking people with it.



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If held in the right hand or 2handed, you can bop people.
Been to Yorshka many a time. Every time, I told myself it would be next time.
Omg same
I just can't kill her
She's too nice and sweet



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If she hadn't asked about whether or not you can fly, and the ensuing embarrassed I shouldn't have asked write it off quickly dialogue.

It made me realize she's childlike, and reminded me a bit of my own daughter. This is the one item in the game I'll never have
I gave in and used CE.
this should be on the rare items list
Saints chime is better if you don't want to have more faith than a suicidal taliban who was promised 72 virgins
Trump: I love what he just said...


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The true test of a faith build is whether you have the faith to not kill her and use something less optimal... :(
I love it that it said "Min STR req is 3". You can't have less than 7. I think the person who coded that was the same person who said it would be a good idea to make us have to kill Yorshka (on of the 3 ppl I actually like in this game) to get the best chime. Now that I think about it, it might also be the one who broke Darkmoon Cov, removed poise, and made the game (pvp at least) generally far less fun.
Just kill her on another save, get item, delete save, then drop it whenever you need it. Or just realize its a game and kill her. So what if the half dragon dies, its not like her Covenant works anyways
killed her with my finger of grossaria (see what i did there) and gave it to my cleric!!!
someone can drop it to me?i will never kill her
lol no.
so you are ok with others killing her for you?
No one should have this item. You're a monster if you do