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Is it better to go enchanted or just do normal and SLB or DMB?
There's an issue with this research and presented data : even though the author said he tried them all personally
there's not much input on his usage. Also it's missing what is for me : critical data

example : stamina usage/movesets/hitspeeds & recovery

I understand that having the highest dmg could be desirable, particularly in pvp, but that's not all there is to it imho.

So, nice effort but unfortunately incomplete.
Dude, I'm glad you made it through a stats class but it's good enough...shut up
I don't know you guys, but with a good armor (Havel's set), a black knight shield and the Dragon King Greataxe, parrying Gwyn is a quick win, only 4 attacks.
I don't know you guys, but with*****ty armor, sl lvl 1 and no skills in parrying pyromancy is your best friend. Gwyn dies with 8 great combastions and 1 combastion, ascended glove +5 and bellowing dragoncrest ring. ;)
Why would you need to mention a frickin' armor set and a shield when all you need to kill him is parry.


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A1 weapon guide, but I think I'll just cheese it with my enchanted longsword +5.
what about the zweihander?
what evidence does a speed run prove? speed running to determine best weapons? lmfao. what an absolute dumb *****. you simply wrote speed runs to gloat about it. moron. speed runs are "inconclusive" towards finding out what the "best weapons are"
also you SHOULD Have calculated the defenses. lazy *****ing idiot, this guide is actually worthless
Dude, you got It wrong. Having a higher AR does not make an enchanted weapon stronger, specially at late game, because the high resistances on the enemies will reduce your split dmg a lot more than it would ever do to a pure dmg weapon. Very few weapon are trully Vetter when elementally infused. Its not even Fair to have int ir faith builds with better melee dmg than fisical builds, sinceramente they have powerfull spells and a lot more utility
Guides like this are why new players often make the wrong choice for their builds.
yea but to be fair, you can damn near take any weapon and "clear the game" solo w/ no help.

ive been using smoughs gear mixed with havels (head & ring) + Black Knight Sword +5, I have the Gravelord & Murikamo but I prefer Black Knight (as I've gotten used to it having it nearly 100 hours) besides Dark Souls 2 was my first game, and after a few NG runthroughs, then I bought Dark SOuls & Artoiras point being is you can really (damn near) use any weapon and get to end-game...I blew through Anor Londo (no summons, no help, no guides) and acquired everything...same with Painted World (and here I was thinking it was gonna be hard, based on all the comments about areas like Anor Londo, and Painted World of Ariamis ....*****they were fun (and cool looking) but in terms of raw difficulty they were relatively easy.
Horrible guide, no info about stamina useage weapon range, which is way more important then damage or dus. .