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This is me on monday morning
God Damn that puke attack, it makes me feel so *****in sick.
"Wtf, how many of these dorks are there?" waisting about half of my arrows the first time I came across these guys.
the picture looks as if hes taking a selfie with his friends wtf :D
"Regardless of how many die, they will continue reanimating up to a set cap." - actually they will stop reanimating after you'll kill lots enough. Revealed it when I was doing my "no estus, no hud, no any healing, no spells, kill all enemies on location before go to boss" challenge run...


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That would be the "set cap" mentioned, so?
Pretty sure "set cap" refers to the amount allowed in the scene. Meaning they won't flood any area, but respawn until their numbers reach a designated value.
How many times do you kill one of them before they stop reanimating?
At the furthest edges of Darkeater Midir's boss fight, you can find the corpses of some of these dudes.