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Being defensive is the best strat why would u go all aggressive espically when you will be slower than 90% of people you want to space out with back dashs and wait for them to engage and trade with hyper armor you will out damage and not get staggered not sure if youre serious about all offensive is best strategy but that is never the best strat unless youre a spear user or rapier. In the up coming days I plan to write smough build. I already put up my mage moonlight build. my next build is smough/morne hammer basically a great hammer build. -SeventyMinusOne


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Defense isn't a worry for this build. Your armor makes up for the defense factor and Smough's Great Hammer is one of the best weapons of the game, why would you not go all offensive?
Because stamina management.
Smoughs Hammer hits hard and his armor has the most unique look. Don't just sit on one build people and become the legend!
Ok, so it's possible to create this build at SL 125, given that you've started with the knight class and are wearing prisoners chain, ring of favor +3 and havels ring +3, with a minimum of 59 vitality to medium roll.