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Lamp is a bit after entering the zone once you hit the area where you gotta hide or take tic damage + frenzy hang a right and the lamp is past the two giants and the un-usable lever.
If you spawn at the Mergo's Ascent take the cage up once, the second cage has a point you can jump out for another path.
Follow this the whole way and you'll find a lever that gets rid of the huge frenzy brain.
Makes getting through there easier.
The early portion of this level is pretty easy. Just run until you get into the castle. Continue running past the spiders, and past the hunter. Go down the stairs, and head toward the elevator. Let the Hunter chase you, and go down. With any luck, he'll fall off the ledge chasing after you. You can then light the lamp.
There is a hidden path at upper cathedral that leads to fire gem
can anyone tell me where i could get a stone to make my ludwigs holy blade to fire. I'm in dire need of it for this place
What about those brain ladies in this place. They seem to frenzy me incredibly quickly even with all my max frenzy protection gear on. Even with sedatives and vials, I am struggling to get past all of them
The first lamp in the zone is a little after you kill the first enemy, in the beginning of the frenzy zone. It's behind one of the first few rocks you could hide behind to break line of site with the window that causes the frenzy spikes to continuiosly hit you. It blends right in. Normally lamps are much easier to spot because they have a noticeable blue glow which makes them stand out, but the rocks have a similar blue glow so it's easy to miss this lamp.

I missed it in my frantic run through this hellish zone after greedily investigating that cage-head guy after killing the boss. Expected a boss treasure or dialogue, not thinking I'm trapped in a hell zone lol. Well done Miyazaki, well done. How hard could the area be right? The last nightmare wasn't too terrible. lol... Now I have to prepare to grab my souls AFTER the spiders. Ugh the spiders...
Jizz. I play with 99 Insight with Crow Armor and it is quite manageable on NG at least. Just hug the rocks from time to time so there is no line of sight to the light-thingy or... run past to the gate. It is easy enough.
You can run straight up into the door, without getting hit. Just Dodge and run up there. Pretty easy
Insight has a direct effect on frenzy's effectiveness. I was maxed at 99 insight which meant walking in the line of sight of the giant mother brain or one of the singing brains for even a split second would max my frenzy bar. You're gonna have to spend your insight and even then will need to use a few sedatives.
Has anyone gotten threw the locked door threw the area where drop the mother brain n what key do need?
did u get anything from killing her?
In the area with the dwarves, just before the stairs that turn them hostile, antidotes and coldblood randomly spawn every so often on the floor. They do disappear after a moment though so you have to be quick in looting them.
They eye rune which should be spawning infront of the two giants right before the Base Loft Lamp is not there. Anybody know why?
use Rune with +all resistances and frenzy effect will be manageable
or the run that gives you +200 to frenzy is a good choice
Okay the Pitch Black room below all the Attendants and Mannequins that holds the Brain of Mensis? You know the one, right. Yeah. Combed that room left right front back and center and the Mensis Brain IS. NOT. THERE. Any ideas? Did I skip over something?
This part: "You'll spot a lever at the end of the next room, run across and activate it. You'll be treated to a cutscene showing the Brain Of Mensis being dropped into a bottomless pit." The writer took three paragraphs to say you have to leap through a flying keyhole then fight through three bipedal brain-blobs (that kill you just by looking at you) and a roomful of exploding spiders to get to it... Tis madness! :D
Happened to me too. Exit game and reload! Hopefully the brain will be there. Worked for me!
You need to throw him with a lever. Example vid.
This place is literally the worst area in Bloodborne. If there is a sequel with an area that is like this one, I will probably not be buying the game, even though despite this area, Bloodborne is one of my favorites. Every aspect of this place is like a giant middle finger to the player (because the rest of this game is just way too easy they have to do something about that) it is almost entirely unbearable. Trying to draw the enemies out into the frenzied damage areas is absolutely silly as they can fly across the map. And if those crazy guys weren't bad enough they shoot out those horrendous worms which even while targeting are the most ludicrous enemies to attack. There is absolutely no redeeming feature in this area. To make matters even more exceptional, players love hunting other players in this area (evidently a lot of people that play this game were never hugged as a child), and don't expect any help from cooperators because absolutely no one can stand this abominable area. If all of the worst dictators throughout the entirety of history had a demented lovechild with Satan, Nightmare of Mensis would be it.
there is one why to get around the players hunting other players in this area, start game in offline mode, work your way up and inside, kill the spiders, then exit game and reload in online, the spiders and everything will still be dead and you will be right near the chime maiden meaning you can kill her before she manages to ring her bell and spawn anyone in, the frenzy was actually quite easy i never died once to it, i used the ashen set and the deep sea rune (might be wrong) which gives you +200 to frenzy
Git gud
It isn 't that hard if you prepare. If you infuse a weapon with Fire (fire paper), the enemies don't drop worms. If you equip a frenzy resistance rune, frenzy is almost no issue.
you must not be a fan of the dark soul games...
If you have a problem with hard games, gtfo you p*ssy. Git gud.
This area is hard! EVEN AS LEVEL 82! GOD F*** DAM! JFC, first invader killed me when i was afk on the loo!
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Yes,git gud enough to fight someone while you aren't even in the same room. Anyone else ever think some people are such failures at life they take any chance they can get to flex their e-peen?
The shadows don't wield katanas or chikage. Those, my friend who wrote this misinformation, are called scimitars.
Does anyone know the recommended level for this area?*&imgrc=0KHEX4FNwN1UbM:
Thanks mate. Really appreciate it
Japanese Map? :/
Why not trying English?
Because unless you're an idiot, it's pretty easy to piece together the context clues. The purple dots are lanterns. The green dots are shortcuts. If you can't read maps, just git gud *****.
This area causes me more stress than any other souls locations.