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Are the weapons an additional filter on top of the Soul Level or are weapon upgrades integrated into the overall calculation with Soul Levels? I.e. someone with full weapon upgrades can be matched to players with no upgrades but a higher SL.


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No, it factors it in at the same time. You always have to be within weapon level AND soul level.
Additional filter. You have to meet both criterias: +- x% of SL AND max weapon upgrade 2 levels above host.
Is the upgrade limit for equipped weapons only or total weapons?
If you upgraded a weapon to +10 then that's what's gonna count, even if you threw it away or sold it to a merchant.
Does applying a password still lift the weapon based and soul level matchmaking ranges? I wanna play with a friend that just recently started the game but we were unable to find our summons.
Yes it does. However the phantom is "adjusted" to the host.
Level and weapon upgrade.
If you have killed the boss in the area in which your friend is summoning you at, they will not see your sign.
Only if both you and the summoner have killed the area boss will it stop displaying your summon sign. You can still help defeat bosses as long as one of you haven't defeated it yet.
I'm still not following the table, say someone is level 160 would they be able to play with 140's and 180's PVE and PVP? And is it limited in any kind of way via like convents that I'm looking at? I mean I don't understand the formula at all never been amazing at math so. Anyone got some insight? Appreciate it ahead of time.
If u go to the * u can input your level. And it gives you an actual number to look at for phantoms and invaders
No. In general SL and upgrade dictate the range. But at 90 everyone has +10 upgrades so the SL alone counts from there on. +10/-10 as a rule of thumb. That's why some people level up to SL 125 or even 130 who are planning to make SL 120 pvp and other go even higher to 140 even to fight then this 130 guys. It's a mess. Just stay on 120 if you plan to do pvp and there you will have the most action automaticaly. And if you experience any hiatus in activity when leveling up write it down and remember sl and upgrade for your next playthrough.
Does the matchmaking table round up or down ? For instance, if I'm at sl134 the lowest I can go is sl120.6 wich is eitheir 121 or 120.
you *****ed it lol it will round up
This is horse crap... i have a lvl 422 cant be summoned or summon. I think this system is annoying. At least make a patch to nerf the game if you solo bosses. Well 345 hours i wont get back
So you want to make the game balls easy if you don't have a summon?
Set a password. Anyone will be able to summon you.
Ay level 422 what boss could possibly be too difficult to beat alone? What a pointless rant.
I think those criticizing him are missing something. He may just enjoy co-oping. You don't have to co-op only because you are struggling. It's just fun to play with someone as opposed to soloing every boss forever.
Extremely high level builds have a lot more variety though, and I mean in the sense of pvp not pve
I spent several hours getting to the end of the game as a SL 20 to become an anti-twink, just to have a +2 mailbreaker and now needing to restart.
you wouldn't be the first friend. But it should still be working as a twink. only boss and twinkling titanite weapons count as twice but mailbreaker+2 is still in range for low level invasions. try undead settlement.
I am souls level 110 and am on PS4. Can anyone help me defeat the nameless king??? Respect my points ns everything still no luck
Do rings count!?! Got to dreg heap at lvl 11 (got the steel ring +3) and may not be able to be summoned tho blue sentinel function works.
No, rings do not count towards maximum weapon upgrade level. (although they probably should)
I was getting summoned as a blue and invading as a MM in Earthen Peak Ruins at SL125.
If you want to play pvp I recommend to level up to SL119 and no further to dodge the SL142 smurfs


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You weren't rly good at school don't you ?