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Did anyone notice that dark souls 2 is kind of hard after you get past iron keep? it's like I'm in NG+ But not. And in dark souls 1 it was easy in ng+? In dark souls 2 it keeps getting harder and I like that but I keep getting invaded :p I love the game! about to buy The sunken king DLC Wish me luck :D
May the sun be with you.
Actualy iron keep is difficult( sorta, ***** tracking ) but after it ? Not that much, the gutter / black gulch are pretty easy to tbh compared to this ***** that's iron keep ("x
May you have luck.
Praise the sun, and luck shall be granted!
May you have luck.
i bestow luck upon you
Praise the sun, and luck shall be granted!
I cant find straid again after i went to lost bastile
Technically the original is demons souls
I want to beat it before I buy ds3 and have already beaten bloodborne. From software is amazing man.
I want to beat it before I buy ds3 and have already beaten bloodborne. From software is amazing man.
I'm at amanas shrine, gooood I hate how you can't see where the walkways end in the water -.-
Yes it's worth $10
dude play dark souls 1 first you cant beat the original
Use torch to see ledging in the water ;-) Great game!
Technically the original is demons souls
Potrzebujesz tylek do sranie
Yes it's worth $10
Your straid if you're at his bonfire and don't see him, was probably petrified so he's probably gone
Wtf why so Many bs replies to the guys problem I dont get half the people who post on this wiki. It is like they can't read
Also might be obvious but look right beside the trash mob outside his cell
i think it hard and easy but mainly hard plus i cant find some bosses
ok so im playing through the game again and i was going to ornifex. While i was talking to her the *****ING BASILISK KILLED HER!!!! I POUTED FOR A BIT AND WENT BACK FOR THE TOMBSTONE WITCH COSTS 11K!!!!! TO RESSURECT HER... so i went through the game normally WITHOUT GETTING KILLED AND SHE WASNT AT HER HOUSE!!!!! so i pouted again for like an hour so i resdurected her again went to her house and she wasnt there!!!!!!!!!!!! i went to majula and waited again and still nothing... god why am i doing this no one will see this its 2017... and even if they do they didnt make it here... but if you did, hi im killing myself.
I'm not sure how to help, but I certainly have noted that that can happen now, thanks to you lmao.
At shaded woods thatats the place i think she will be
Oh, bye then
Will any one help me beat blue smelter demon please lol


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i will only if you give me the aged smelter sword afterwards