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I tried mulltiple times to host a fight club. But i can only summon 2 phantoms and i popped the fingers before that. It is a bug or something?


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if you have killed the boss in the area you can only summon 2 red phantoms if you leave them alive you can summon i think 5
I don't know but I left Dark Souls 3 at early June (quite bored after thousands of invasions) and I recently came back. However, I tried to host a fight club but I can only summon 2 reds.. I don't know if they created a new limit in the new patch or something like that.
For those wondering, you can use this item infinite times. It will allow you to summon a third phantom in most areas, but also allows you to be invaded by another. You can summon up to 5 dark phantoms if you use it. It loosens SL restrictions, making it so you can be invaded by someone who is around 70 levels higher than you. In Anor Londo and the Crucifixion Woods, you can only summon two phantoms, although the 5 dark spirits can still be summoned just fine.
Does the number of phantoms you can summon change after you kill the boss of the specific area?
You dont
You get the greatsword by killing the greatsword wielding Exile guarding Farron Keep's bonfire
I accidentally sold mine, do I have to wait till ng+
u dun fukcd up casul
"I accidentally sold mine" xD
happens;).. (no it doesn't* sarcasm end)
So, if me and a friend want to summon a third person(who's a random and not a friend, just to make that clear)
Do we have to remove our password to find his summon sign? Or will we still be able to summon a random phantom without removing the password?
Yes, you will have to get rid of your password matching to find random peeps signs.
I'm getting insanely frustrated with this.. I have a dried finger buff active permanently on my account, even dying fast traveling and creating new characters doesn't fix it, getting 3 V 1's in ever single area with no cool down. any way to get rid of it?!?
That's *****ed up.
That's Dark Souls 3 on hard mode
Go offline if it bothers you that much. Another way you could deal with it is just level up to 160ish thats about where you will get alot less people invaiding you.
Did you ever find a fix for this?


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Did you ever find a fix for this?
Does it work if you have already defeated the area boss? Wanted to fight invaders at Ariendal chapel to see how long I could last but remembered you can't be invaded after killing the area boss. Does this solve that issue or do I need to NG+ and get there and not kill Friede and Father Ariendal?
Normally it doesn't work if you defeated the area boss. However, the DLC is weird in that there are two bosses (Gravetender and Friede); defeating Friede will not stop you from being invaded in the chapel unless you've also beaten the Champion Gravetender.
hell no
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