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I want a dark infused weapon to look like this glow all the time :(
What does the attack rating mean?
Damage on every hit



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Base DMG from all source from your current weapon / passive ability about damage output of equipment and your buff
Based on armors and the fact that most builds are quality that forgo int or faith in pvp everyone is weakest to dark or magic damage (more absorption than dark).
The Handmaid also sells this. And not just if you have her Patches' ashes. She get 3 from the mortician's ash and I believe a few more from another Umbreal ash.
If you use the untrue dark ring while applying this resin, your weapon won't turn purple.
Instead you'll just get that cool dark cloud around your blade.
In the building you go through there is a chest, when you open it 4 spiked lanterns drop down. There are two alluring skulls nearby as well. It's right after fight with seigward and the demon.
Also drops from the fly enemies in Ariandel
I am disappointed Resins are Right hand only
They always were, you can use magic weapon and alike to buff your left hand weapon
they're not, you can buff your left hand weapon when you two-hand it by holdinbg down the Y button