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So glad to see this set make it as part of the number of Dark Souls 1 tribute armor sets! It was my favorite the first time I ever played through :')
I played DS1 and i never noticed this armor set. Saw someone wearing it in a gank squad and was completely dumbfounded. I have the platinum and didnt know this exists!
but there's the brass knight who can be summoned to fight smough and ornstein! you even meet him at the anor londo bonfire



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You even meet her*

She's the Fire Keeper of Anor Londo.
i use this as fashion souls. good performance though.
replace the helm with the bandit's headger, and you have a golden arab knight


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Very good! But doing so also makes it look like a trash set and does not resemble Arabian knights whatsoever DDD::D::D:
I love how this armor set looks but if you dont wear a helmet the chestpiece looks really strange... Which sucks for me since I really lyke seeing my characters face.

Maybe its just me who thynks it looks wyrd without a helmet but to me it just looks oddly bulky, lyke my characters face is too small in proportion to the rest of them.
Should have thought ahead wyth character syzing. Haha jk
I get the same feeling wyth the lothric knight set
Solid defense at a fair weight.
What other weapon looks attractive with this? I tried Black blade, and parrying dagger, but want to know other possibilities.
I used Wolnir's Holy Sword. Looks pretty cool.
Any rapier or other slender weapon looks good. In DS1 she wields an estoc.
I always go for Moonlight great sword. Moon weapon for moon knight :P
I use the Golden Falcon Shield to match the set (or the Golden Wing Crest Shield if you want more defense) Then for my weapon I go for something like the Pickaxe or Four-Pronged Plow just because it's pretty funny to see a full golden type set then a rusty weapon that does actually decent damage.
Profaned Greatsword would look really nice with it!
The Greatsword of Judgement looks really nice I've found
pretty good for the aldrich fight