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Is co op still a thing in NG+? I wanna play with a friend but he says it's not possible.
I´m in Ng+8 and just got summoned to a friend in NG, so i assure you it´s possible, you just gotta do Password matching and get the settings right, aside from that it definitely works between NG´s.
Sim! é possível jogar com um amigo que não avançou para NG+
So I can beat new game and still explore the world getting souls, leveling up, and getting items until I'm ready for ng+ and not be forced into moving on?
Will i get souls from bosses after reseting the game to ng + ?
I started journey 6 yesterday and checked my inventory today to see how many coiled sword fragments and homeward bones I had, and I noticed that I had Champion Gundyr's soul. I haven't gotten to the untended graves, let alone beaten the dancer yet. Does anyone know if boss souls carry over through new games, or is this just an odd glitch?
Yes boss souls do carey over, I have like 3 of every boss soul in my inventory
Carry* I hate posting on my phone.
all items except key items carry over if i'm not mistaken. its not like carrying over souls gives you an advantage or anything, so it doesn't seem weird.
Does not mention that enemy defense stat goes up with each NG+. Tested and found I did less damage with identical stats/weapons between one NG and the next. This makes their inflated HP even more potent as overall EHP tends to be reasonably higher.
Jogadores q estao na primeira jornada podem invadir ou jogar em coop com jogadores do ng+?
I just joined NG+ can I invite my friend who is still NG
just set a matchmaking password
If you go to ng+ without buying boss weapons (and you still have their souls) can you still access them without killing the boss a second time?
yes but only after killing the Curse-Rotted Greatwood so you can give a Transposing Kiln to Ludleth
Is there even a end to the ng's? I'm on ng+ 9 if there is please tell me
No you can have new NG+ forever but the maximum "number "is probalby NG+100 like in DS2
NG+9 is the highest but if you keep count you can try and get higher alot of people have modded it to make NG+100 so i believe fromsoftware made it a infinity loop but your choice. I'm NG+9 with sl 1.
Currently on NG37, so no, NG9 isn't the highest. Enemies stop getting stronger in NG7 though. After that every NG is identical.
You can go up to NG+10 (journey 12) I believe.
it goes probably until journey 999, somone already was on 100 on youtube