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you can also get a siegbrau from Lapp when you get the titanite Slab.
Encountered a weird glitch. Whenever I try to put Siegbrau into my storage box, they leave the storage box the moment I use the bonfire to warp away, and they end up back in my inventory.
You have to turn off the auto-refill. You can tell which items whether they have their auto-refill is on or not by looking at the small symbol on the bottom corner of item icon.
Hey, I noticed in co op that this item re filled my estus when it was empty
I'm out of the item so I can't do some one should test it
Restores 375 health if anyone is wondering
In Chinese wiki said Restores 20% hp and boosts 150 frost resistance
*gank throws Undead Hunter Charm*
*Drinks 10 Siegbrau*
*slow claps*
I need a merchant of this stuff