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If you go as the Mercenary to start you'll get same resulting stats minus 1 luck and end up at level 130, while it's minor, you'll also start with the wep you want.
But you also get less faith. Only 8 faith.
@ What difference does that make. This is a Dex/Faith build, so you'll be levelling up Faith and at SL 130 the mercenary spends 1 less point to achieve the same resaults. Take a look for yourself:
Not that I'd recomend this build anyways. You'd probably get rekt more times than not, unless your really good. You'll get destroid with such low vigor, especially with a clutch ring on. Also, against players, the bonus to damage from clutch rings drops to +6% and the bonus from the Ring of Steel Protection drops to +2% (or +4% for a +2 ring). There are lots of builds like this that are all so much better in every way.
Do you mean the two-handed attack (aka L1), or literally just R1 while dual-wielding?

when adding all the stats together it becomes like 200 SL.... am i missing something?
No, that's right. Remember that deprived starts off at lvl 1 with 10 points in each stat. Here, take a look for yourself:
Just punch in the numbers on the side and you'll see that it adds up correctly.
The new Mera is here my friends, it indeed is the Follower's Sabre
Cool idea but should be SLOOKING 120. Also ring of favor is pretty mediocre (only adds an insignificant amount of each, haveKS it's much better);or add a dark moon ring so u can attune 2 spells or pyros rather than knives lol
Cancer build
This build doesnt 130 with 30 health is so stupid and 20 att. and 50 dex has no sense..better going fora 24 att . And 40 dex because are 10 points wasted and the isn t so much ar difference. Better use theese points in health or vigor for more damage reduction or more stamina
This is not a true pvp build, this is a true certain death