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Xbox One EU, Need this in medium divines, gt v2 Kroniik v
Looking for someone to craft me this set + night mothers gaze set aswell on medium. Will pay good for it. + I have mats/Wil buy mats.
I am on PC. Add @Zheet
the location for this set in the rift is actually where the night mothers is supposed to be
It is lol. Confused the divines right out of me.
It's not hard to craft this guy's. Stop being lazy.
New to the game can some one help me get this plzzz
Is there someone who could help me to craft it on xbox one eu server?
I can if you still need it?
how much would a full set of hundings rage purple, with 2 daggers and 1 bow cost? 160?
probably dont have materials. 500k
To make 1 piece of lvl 160 gear requires more than 100 pieces of either rubeite ignots/ ruby leather/ ancestors silk... so thats like 500+ for whole set... then you most likely want divines trait on all that with warrior mundus stone active... getting it purple is expensive too, but could be less if you provide tempering materials, then you probably want increase weapon damage enchantment on both your dual melee... cause those stack and will probably give you +600 weapon damage. I can make you armor and weapons on Ps4 but i don't have enough traits researched on light armor, im also not done training my enchanting.
Increase weapon damage glyphs don't stack
*****ing die
The map location in The Rift is incorrect.