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Trying to get old wolf gs. On steam. Reply with trade offer.
Trying to get watchdogs covenant sword. Willing to trade. On steam. NG+3. Reply with offer please
Looking for a dragonslayer great shield if anyone has one they're willing to part with. (PS4)
Message me
psn: Aoriun


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Looking for creightons set and his dragonslayer axe.
aswell as the ring that turns disguises you as the host
message me up and let me know what you want in return PS4 - Mr_bubbely
How do you drop souls?
I think they meant the Souls you find on the ground when running through the map. The dead that hold the Souls.
You go to your inventory then click what you wanna drop then click "Leave" NEVER click"Disgard" cause it'll delete it forever
Started NG+2 without killing Darkeater Midir. Willing to trade whatever you'd like for his Frayed Blade. Just send a message, PSN is Deep-SpaceN7
I have what you are looking for
What are u willing to trade, I have a +5 one
its yours for embers
Looking for Gaels soul. Still playing thru NG, but I have most boss souls for trade 2 for 1. PSN tag holeymoleybatman
Can't trade boss souls. Read description. Dumbass.
I would like to have Harald legion leggings from the dlc. Im in end NG PS4 PSN ID : DeGrape83
Is it possible to receive a frayed blade, if my Character just visited The ashes of ariandel dlc, But i Do have both dlcs installed?

Or Do i have to step in the ringed City dlc to be able to receive weapons of that dlc?
Yes it is possible. I gave it to my friend who doesn't even own any dlc.
Looking for Freide's Great Scythe + 5, have afew things I could trade for it. PS4, PSN is Clockwork_Dream
What's up for trade?