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I hate these guys
200 Hit Points my ***
You can farm these guys for Salt, and it's very easy to kill them once you memorize their pattern:

If they raise their Shield, roll behind them, then roll back when they try to hit you with their mace.

If they raise their Mace, just roll behind them and kill them.

If they jump Backwards, move away from them until to use one of their other 2 moves.

If you want to kill them really fast, buy an extra Kurimoa, upgrade it to plus 3, transmute it into the Sodden Knight's Sword, farm the Saltless in the Village of Smiles until you have enough Drowned Lockets to get the Bulwark to +4, then it's easy mode. (Make sure you pick the Amber Idol as your starting gift, and to grab the Grasping Ring from the window you see when approaching the Kraekan Wyvern.)