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sab about this 3 gods,how they fallen?
I believe that they fell as a result of the hideous acts done in their names. The king fell because of the ignobiloty of the rulers of the world. The knight fell because man lost his valor when firearms were invented, and the judge fell because of the injustice of the red hall.
They were mortals. Might have been powerful, but still a human being. It wouldn't be so surprising if Nameless God somehow drew them into his island and defeated them, making them his pawn as a result.
First; equip holy resistant armor, predator armor works. Second: your first loadout should be a greatsword (Caserjaw great sword works well.) and the arcane damage charm. Relentlessly assault the judge. The other two should leap at you when you walk in, giving you time to blitz her down. After this, switch to layout two: Great Hammer and Impen Charm. Depending on your luck and spacing, the two remaining will either both leap at you at once, allowing you to hit both. That can be baited out by running away. If that doesn't work, simply just get one hit in and dodge the other.
I have a theory about this boss.
It is that the reason why they are forgotten is not because people don't believe in them (we can tell from dialogue and other boss descriptions that it is a well followed religion) it is because these are the people the religion is based on. As in the religion has grandized their lives and created so many stories about them that people have forgotten that they were real people, which is why we find them in such a state and so ungodly as they were never gods to begin with just people who other people believed were gods
Or that they were drawn in by the power of the current nameless god in his desire of everything. One of the NPC you find in the Ziggurate of Dust states that this island seems to house a lot of ancient ruins and such and the scarecrow (the nameless god) states that he has claimed countless things such as kingdoms and things alike. It is very likely that the Nameless God was powerful enough to draw in the religious figures of The Three and trapped them on the island.
I did not expect to encounter these guys but I was surprised they were easy to kill - the king the easiest to kill he took like 6 hit from my holy enhanced greathammer, next the knight since he overshots himself by jumping and had to keep chasing him, next in the jugde who has surprising resistance to blunt or maybe physical damage since he take 1/3 of the damage I deal on the knight.
Im on NG+2 and never knew this boss existed
lol i just accidently ran into them on my first play through
An alternate strategy is to kill the Judge last. Keep him on the other side of the screen to easily dodge the spells, and deal with the King and Knight first. The King is vulnerable to blunt; the Knight to slash. They'll follow you, bunch up, and use pretty easily dodgable moves so they're easier to kill first, in my opinion. I think it may depend on build and play-style, but once I started using this approach, I've rarely lost to this boss.
Not a very safe a strategy. You always want to keep an eye on the Judge. Otherwise, you won't see it coming when she casts her spell and stun-lock you while you're fighting the other two who will combo you to death. On NG+7, she can straight up kill you if you don't have enough HP or good Holy defense. She can also immediately go into another cast if you get hit by the previous one. Highest priority target. Must be killed first and the fight becomes a walk in the park.

On a side note, the Knight is weak to Strike damage, not Slash. How can you get it wrong when you're on the boss' wiki page ?
Titan armor set, have a shield with 100% strike resistance (I had the Pruina Scutum) and I had the defenders ring equipped for extra measures.

Soon as you enter the fight. go to one corner and shield up, wait for them to basically corner you. The knight and Kings attacks will push you around, The trick is to wait for them to push you to the other side where all three are technically in the corner. Use the Dart Brand to cover ground quickly making it to the opposite side, the Judge floats and she will get to you faster then the other two, so take her out first as I did. The king and knight are easy as it just requires timing. Dodge and attack when the time is right.

Judge and King - Arcane works well.
Knight - Fire