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Black Hand Gotthard is blinking! Creepy...
3 lords of cinder. ludleth doesnt count does he? i wanna leave alritch alive so the pontiff arena stays lively
No need, Duel arena exists now.
I'm pretty sure the corpse outside is not Black Hand Gotthard. He wields the Gotthard Twinswords (named after him), while the corpse clearly is equipped with two katanas. I speculate that this is the third Black Hand, possible killed by Gotthard when he decided to defect and rather help the unkindled against the Abyss Watchers and Pontyff. Perhaps he left his sword behind in the flight, as in the encounters he is summoned for he usually only uses one sword.
Who are the three lords of cinder and where do i find them
Errr just play through the game you'll find em adventually
Hey i have a friend that killer the 3 lords of cinder and the body os notebooks there
You must teleport to aldrich and walk around,optional teleport to yorm etc
I didn't see a corpse outside the grand archives wtf????
Because you diz the same as me you didn't kill all the lords of cinder before coming here
guys all are u need grand archives key just do it go to anor londo then go defeat aldrich,devouror of gods u will teleport to where the lady u killed she was sitting in the chair go up by ladder find (contraption does not move)lift now activated go through that lift directly u will go to the grand archives their grand archives key popping on the floor by dead soldier.then ................. go kill .........
Damnit now I can't keep Aldrich alive to be invaded