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I started the Silver Knight grind with 3 proofs already and a little under 500k souls.
With Symbol of Avarice, Crystal Sage Rapier, Silver Serpent Ring +3, Gold Serpent Ring +3, Shield of Want and 35 Luck (no coins used) I had exactly 400 item find and received aprox 6k souls per kill.
I ended the grind at just under 4mil souls so I killed aprox 583 Silver Knights inorder to get 27 proofs which gives a drop rate of 4.6%
And just for extra info; the shield had a 6% drop rate for me, the helm a 12.3%, the chest piece an 8.2%, the hands a 9.6% and the legs an 8.2% rate
I just wish being summoned didn't take so long to try and get these
So how exactly do people help you farm them in so confused
Well, me and my friend are the same SL, we have beaten Pontiff Sulyvahn and when he gets invaded by Aldrich`s people I am likely to get summoned as a blue phantom.
From the Anor Londo Bonfire, go up the stairs and kill the two silver knights, pick up their drops, rest at Bonfire, repeat.


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IMO I don't think increasing luck will make silver knights drop more proofs. I tested this in different characters. My item discovery was below 200 on one character and above 400 on another character. Didn't notice any difference in proof kept drop rate. The high luck will guarantee more drops of other items (like titanate or knight equipment's) but not the proof.
I made a similar discovery farming wolf grass. Can not confirm it, but It seemed like the drop increased after invasions, quitting and oddly enough changing weapons after every bonfire spawn. Or maybe the farming just made me CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
I think it was just a coincidence. If you read some of the replies below, some tried to quit the game and log in again but same odd drop rate. Not sure about changing the weapon as I used 3 different weapons to farm it but no noticeable difference. I even thought the drop rate was higher if I play when it's a daytime in Japan!! Yes, we are all getting crazy and I'm sure my mind was playing tricks on me


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I think you have missunderstood what item discovery does. It doesn't increase drop chance of items rather it increases likelihood of items dropping from enemies. In detail information:
With 99 luck, symbol of avarice, crystal sage's rapier, & gold serpent ring +3. I am getting a 465 item discovery. 515 with the rusted coin.
Yeah, well you can get it to 565 with a second sage's rapier, and then you can write home and tell the folks about it. What's the point you're trying to make here and how is it beneficial to a community discussion?
Would I have a higher chance of getting proofs by farming or sitting and waiting to be summoned?
I just finished farming the rest of the proofs today. I had the blade of the darkmoon on while farming the silver knights. Out of the hour and a half i spent farming i was summoned (PS4 SL 125) once lol and the host rolled off the cliff and died so I didn't get a proof for it. Got my last 15 just from farming the knights. I think it's best to just have it on as you farm. Turn on your favorite stream or netflix show and grind away my friend.
So its unknown why does an Aldrich Faithful member drop a Proof of Concord Well Kept when killed by a Blade of the Darkmoon? Really? Is that really a big mystery? This is the one time the lore actually gives you a straight answer.
It's supposed to but mechanically it doesn't do it very often.
Well, it may be that summoned invaders who are summoned in defense of an area do not always drop them. I was a summoned spirit earlier, and a Watchdog of Farron spawned in who did not drop an Ear when slain. It could be that I'd already gotten 4, but I don't know that there's a limit, so long as there are invaders present.
Gold Serpent Ring+3 is +115 to item discovery now.
So I'm sure most know about this by now but... If you're farming for these, in addition to obviously wearing/using all item discovery stuff (Symbol of Avarice, Gold Serpent Ring (+3 preferably), rusted coins, crystal rapier etc., there's a few things that'll help. First off, PLAY OFFLINE, this will significantly increase the drop rate. Second, quit the game to the main menu and reload every time you've received a concord. I was playing online without doing this and got 3 concords in about an hour, after using these strategies I got the remaining 27 in just under 3 hours. Again, I'm sure most know about this by now but still...
Is this factual or based off of your experience? I been playing offline, resetting after every one, 515 luck entire time, and I'm still only getting one after maybe 10 runs a piece.


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Holy*****, that strat works like a charm for me. Probably just got really lucky though. Why didn't they write this in the wiki up above, it makes quite the difference...
Either your run was extremely lucky, or mine was very unlucky. I just tested this and spent two hours farming, and in the first hour (playing online) I got exactly two concords with 522 item discovery in the first hour (I was killing the three silver knights and using the bonfire in a little under two minutes). Then I went offline and tried quitting and reloading after each concord, and still only got two concords in the second hour with the same 522 item discovery. These percentages are abysmal... Last year I spent a few days farming these guys with my first character, and I was getting one or two concords every 10-15 minutes, and that was with only around 350 item discovery. I feel like Fromsoft must have lowered the chances of a drop in a patch since then. How do they expect people to get 100% trophy completion in the future when the online community has fizzled out and the only reliable way of acquiring these and the other rare drop items required to rank up in covenants is through farming enemies? At least with Bloodborne after the DLC came out they updated to allow the purchase of blood chunks and blood rocks...
That's actually kinda silly, but it really worked for me. Maybe there is a bug or smth. I've farmed for 2 hours and got only 1, then I started reloading game and got TEN IN A ROW. I understand that is just a chance, but maybe it's a viable thing
Does this strategy also work for other covenant items ?
So... I just now realized this, but Souvenirs of Reprisal from DS1 and Proofs of Concord Kept have the exact same item description.