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can you give this armor to someone playing a new game? like a brand new character
Yes, but you basically have to beat him at an extremely low level to be summoned by new players
Or use the password system.
WARNING: The Leggings for this set induce "baby leg syndrome". Be sure to have your Legs maxed out in the Build Detail tab of the character creator, or else you'll look like you skipped Leg Day, Week, Month, and Year.
Well, some people aware that Fromsoft love anorexia legs without letting players know them. Maybe they have anorexia fetish since demon souls. Or a lore. Hmm, anorexia lore.



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It wouldn't be a problem if your character is a girl.
I adore the waiscloth on the leggings, but its a shame that every armor except dress tops cover it up.


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My favorite set. But where are folks getting the idea that it's the Great Lord set fused with the Elite Knight set. I've rocked both and I do not see it at all. Doesn't look like a robe, doesn't look like the Great Lord anklets. Now Nameless King - he's totally rocking updated Gwyn fashion with a war god twist.


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i am wearing this set, since the soul of cinder passed away...don't care about the defense, since i (mostly) roll trough the enemies attacks
Woah edgy.


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you jealous?
I wear the set because it matches the firelink greatsword which I think is the best PVP weapon in the game.
I think it would good to note that this set appears to be a burnt and corroded version of the elite knight set.


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Almost as if the chosen undead (after defeating gwyn) became a godlike figure after linking the flame. Evidence is: the movesets from both phases, the fact the armor itself looks like someone took a hammer and blowtorch to the elite knight set. Also, designs on the chest are the same on the elite knight chestpiece.
it's different I think. Something Gwyn and the chosen undead turned into became selfaware. Defending the flame. Against people like the Londor hollows for example and as an test to see if you are strong enough to restart the process. But the SoC is not the chosen undead or Gwyn. It just consumed them and their skils.
It appears to have possibly Yhorm's crown with the elite knight helm and armor piece, and possibly elite knight leggings but the gauntlets appear to be possibly knight pr Lothric Knight gauntlets. Although I don't know for sure what the gauntlets are.
With all of the armor combine from previous souls cover art or main protagonist armor. This one actually doesnt win my favor in my opinion. Unlike previous dark souls, dks can obtain through darkroot garden and as for dksii you can get it in drangleic castle. But this one somewhat becomes end game armor which brings in a question why? The design is mediocore but still provide minimal amount of protection. However I do not blame Miyazaki for this idea and still content for getting the armor through fighting soul of cinder. Minor rant to be honest. Drop a hate if you want, I can respect that. PS I notice that you can get the armor after beating him as a summon, but it is still a endgame armor no matter what. And no, dont start with me about the DLCs counting as an endgame, I'm talking about the vanilla game.
This armor actually greatly resembles Yhorm's armor. Look closely.
I got looking and it almost reminded me of Alvas armor
You're right. Yhorm's has blue colored cloth, but it's the same.
That funko pop figure is the ugliest thing I've ever seen
did anyone else have to buy the set again in new game plus? I bought it right after i defeated Soul of Cinder, but when I went to new game plus, it was still available for purchase, but apparently the game just removed the set, and I had to buy it again
nvm im just blind, and now i have 2 sets