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I had two drop at the same time from two of these Hags with the sawblades and the big Pot on their back in the corridor behind the illusion witch boss - for anyone wanting to farm this. Moveset dosnt seem so good tho
Finally got one after 40 minutes-ish of farming outside Crystal Sage with 260-310 item discovery.
So we just kind of throw some unfounded speculation in there in the description? There is no evidence whatsoever that the weapon isn't working like intended, and if one wants to consider it an "odd way to balance the weapon" then ok, but I didn't think wiki descriptions were designed as a forum for people to share their opinions on game balance. That would be why there's a discussion section.
Called "notes and tips" for a reason. Letting people know that combos are borked on those weapons which can easily be seen when you use them actually makes sense. More so then this comment.


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Anyone else notice that when you use the sharpen weapon art your VS thrust absorption drops? Mine went from a 26 to 4.
It would only be weird if it stayed like that. If it didn't then that's just instability frames at work.
its because thats the window for a counter hit, you can see it on everything, even attacks.
I'm currently using this and I noticed that even at +7 it has a poison rating of 87 which is a lot higher than what it says.



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Can someone drop this damn thing for me I have been farming for 2 hours and still haven't got it my own is twanderingpigeon


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Still need it?
My Heavy Great Machete +10 says it has an "A" modifier for str. The table here has it as a "B" modifier.
What would be a good set to make a Capra demon cosplay?