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The Greathammer drop link sends you to a build page. Whoops.
For as rough as Eygon is, he is quite honorable. Protecting a broken woman despite her failing to fulfill her purpose of becoming a Firekeeper, and doing it while he seems very displeased and upset with that fact.
The Moaning Knight invades even if you turn Irina into a firekeeper (I also never killed Eygon), so his invasion has nothing to do with player choice; unfortunately, this seems to nullify to "slain Eygon" theory.
Well The Ringed City is set sometime in the future, who's to say Eygon still didn't go hollow during that time even if not slain?

Also the Moaning Knight uses the moaning shield, the description of which states was only given to Eygon. His armor is typical Carim armour but that shield was unique only to him going by the description. So I believe the theory isn't discounted at all and that that invasion is indeed Eygon.
How do you get Eygon out of Firelink Shrine? Is it because I did Irina questline late and maybe possibly bugged? (Started doing it when I was looking for his summon sign in Lothric Castle)
If you headshot him with a bow he stands up making it possible to push him down the cliff. During my latest attempt he however took no fall damage, might be a bug but didn't work as before.



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why i cant found his sign in chapel before dragon slayer armor fight ?
Only possible reason is: you're not embered.


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the other possible reason is that he's at firelink shrine.
How to easily kill Eygon (Undead Settlement): Step 1: Lure those enemies with saws over to him. Step 2: Aggro Eygon (possibly optional) Step 3: Make the saw enemies hit Eygon (for some reason they do tons of damage to him) Step 4: Kill the saw enemies once he's dead. Step 5: Loot your free Greatshield and Hammer!
Garl Vinland, anyone?
So is totally worth it to kill him right? but he still kills irina if you give her a dark tome?
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I just imagined Eygon pouting and yelling "BAKA!" *shivers*