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Those who are having trouble using the ringed knight weapons, lock onto target, use combo because I tested it and if someone does manage to parry you in a combo, the fire aoe damage will stagger them.
you cant parry the combo or else that is all i would do daggers op XD
Lol such a ***** weapon, but quite easy to counter especially against noobs. Only danger here is lag guys
So true


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These things are already turning into yesterday's news quite frankly. People have already figured out that perserverance pretty much fully counters this weapon. I've had two rage quits just this morning and yesterday from dueling someone using these, and with BKGS perservering through just one combo and dealing heavy damage...causing them to back up and suddenly vanish so...I'm getting the impression even people using these kind of realize that too.

I mean, they're still good. They still deliver some of the highest DPS in the game, are unparryable, and huge range( and holy crap does lag give them extra fantastic powers like double range and hitstun) but they're not the game breaking thing so many salty people were making them out to be. Heck, they can be so hard countered that I'd even recommend people using them have an alternative or backup weapon incase. It's a little more dignified than rage quitting.
In a lag situation these things are just stupid, I was stun lock comboed by them from double the range of the weapons... while standing off to the side behind him...
You're right Dorkmoon, this weapon is easily handled as of the patch. The running thrust is easily managed by just rolling behind them, the true combo is easily managed just by managing your spacing or by rolling calmly, the beam is easily handled by just running in an arch or by backing up an appropriate amount and i wouldn't even say that the phantom range is particularly hard to deal with since it's not THAT much farther than the blade. The weapon isn't bad, not by any standards, it's just not OP anymore. FROM did well. It's like fighting with any other UGS now, only with a few added flares of its own (said beam, true combo and the thrust that initiates the true combo).
I have serious doubts if this is sarcasm or if it's serious, gee, I wonder what you really mean.
You make it sound so easy.. until u play someone that knows how to use them. I personally would wreck u but sure. You could probably do all that against a scrub
Love this weapon
Love this weapon
So i just wanna input a nice little trick that could floor certain players with a single combo, start off with using the L1 combo, and assuming the hits land and you stun your opponent, use the following combo {L1, L1, R1} usually after the 2nd L1, your enemy will be able to roll out of your attacks, making it almost impossible to hit them with a 3rd L1, but after they roll out of the first 2 L1s, if you swing almost immediately with the R1, it will most likely land a hit right at the end of their roll, you're welcome people! Now go get some hatemail, peace.
P.S. kik me if you have any questions, any tips you might wanna share, hatemail ya wanna share, etc, {DMC_ALUCARD}
somebody should train against nameless king or Friede and make a video about it. Like doing all the extra stunts without getting hit once, dodging everything only with the weapon art.
so why is this getting downvotes? Satiesfied with R1 spam all day? If possible as a sorcerer? yeah...I can see why the Dark Souls playerbase is deminishing. And let add this: I'm glad you leave our game. It was never meant for you in the first place.
Can somee trade me these weapons PC
Sure, give me the ringed paired ultragreat swords, then we talk :)
High STR requirement, most effective with 40 Str and 40 Dex... wut


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The STR requirement is 40 that is a high amount. This weapon does the most damage at 40 STR and 40 DEX. What do you not understand?
it's because it gets no bonus from 2-handing (because y'know, you CAN'T 2-hand it), otherwise this would be optimally used on a 66 STR build