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It says that they have contended with the dragons but we all know that the only lightning breathing dragons were all wiped out during the age of ancients so how do they fight something that is already extinct? Only a very small amount of Drakes breath out lightning but most Drakes and Wyverns breath out fire so is it possible that the Lothric Knights actually mistook Drakes for Dragons?



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spoiler alert: the writers don't care about continuity as much as you do
It never actually states the source of the lightning they were protecting themselves against was FROM the dragons. The dragons in the age of ancients didn't even shoot lightning, they were WEAK to lightning, it was used against them. It would make more sense for this to have high fire resist, but at the same time you need to protect yourself against your own***** as well. If you're chillin' with a bunch of dudes shooting lightningbolts and guys with lightning bolts exploding out of their swords you might want to have some electrically inert gear on.
If you look, the attire of most dragon-slaying characters is highly lightning resistant (Ornstein's armour is equally resistant to both fire and lightning, and the Iron Dragonslayer's armour has higher lightning resistance than anything else), probably so that they wouldn't fry themselves on accident. However, Lothric Knight attire is actually quite weak to lightning, so they probably made these shields to compensate. They also eventually tamed dragons, so it would be good to have a shield defending you from your mount's greatest weakness.
Anyone know blocks ratings and stability if blessed infused ÷9 or +10?
Would like to know as well...
If you are still wondering, I'm about to try out a FTH build using a Blessed +10 version of this shield. I'll let you know once I finish upgrading it
Perfect medium shield for using Greater Magic Shield on. Capped resistances and 100 stability, 0 stamina loss on block. Plus parry, if you can get used to it!
I don't think they purposely infused their shields with lightning absorption. Judging from the Sunlight Alter in the castle, they were simply blessed with the power of Sunlight, kinda the same situation with Dragonslayer Ornstein's armor.
This website cant even keep track of the shield stats when upgraded smfh
This shield is the tool you want if you want to defeat clerics in pvp or have a easier time lol. Poke block poke block.