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Opinion on this spell : good damage , good range , startup time is negletable , 28 fp is TOO MUCH


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does this count toward the master of pyromancies trophy/achievement? or are the dlc stuff not count?
dlc stuff does not count in dark souls 3, but it does in the other games i think
Enemies that are attracted to Aural Decoy are also attracted to this pyromancy, so most hollow enemies.
I really wanted the laser....
Seething Chaos is actually pretty good depending on how you manage its utility. But simply put... AREA CONTROL.
Obviously if someone knows what the spell does you'll more than likely never hit them. And this is actually fine, its not hitting your enemy that this spell is necessarily for. But if not, what purpose does it have? The following:

- Throw Seething Chaos and move to the immediate proximity of the ticking time bomb for another spell cast. I personally take advantage of this to cover for the use of Floating Chaos, or oftentimes two if my opponent doesn't have any ranged weapons or items in use. This allows me to see a potential movement pattern they take and then bomb the path of said pattern with Chaos Fire Orbs. Works surprisingly often and oftentimes when I do hit, they also get hit by one of the Floating Chaos Shots for additional damage alongside the lava. Then there's the other side of the fence...

- Naturally if Seething Chaos can be used to support other damage spells it will also work in tandem with any other type of spell... For example, one that instead of targeting your opponent's HP, brings your own back. Setting up a Warmth is something lots of people are familiar with by now thanks to the Lazy Pyromancer bandwagon born on Youtube, but there's a way more effective/potentially cancerous spell on the market. That being Projected Heal.

Now I haven't done this much myself since I prefer using offensive magic and my attunement slots are all occupied for that purpose, but Seething Chaos is one of those spells that people see and go "welp, staying away from that one" since the explosion deals A LOT of damage, more so than Chaos Bed Vestiges for comparison's sake. There's no reason to risk getting caught by something of that magnitude even if there is a 4 second interval in between the Spell latching onto a surface and the actual explosion. With this in mind, you can time Projected Heal for the latter two seconds of the countdown. Approaching you in the midst of this is suicide.

If your opponent happens to be a melee focused build there is just nothing they can do. If they rush in they get caught by the explosion and with Unfaltering Prayer in use your heal won't get interrupted by their attack anyway. On the other hand, if they choose to throw something at you instead it won't be enough to offset the HP you just gained. The only true counter to this are other schools of magic, like Sorcery for one as the damage is high enough to negate what you would've gained.

How other players use this is entirely up to themselves, but I feel like I just presented a few examples of why some people are too quick to judge spells that don't follow the pattern of cast = damage. Utility can be just as, or even more so powerful than direct damage.
Casting homing soulmass and this to set up a heal means other spellcasters, crossbows, and bombs can't effectively punish you either.
They don't get it do they ? No more PvE spells! Add or tweak some to work PvP!
If used correctly it can destroy people in 2v2's or 3v3's. or just gank squads in general which makes for some really nice gank spanks
it only uses up 1 attunement slot both chaos bed vestiges and great chaos fire orb use up 2

it does as much damage on regular hit as great chaos fire orb
Cast this at your feet, then soothing sunlight = profit
This spell goes well as long as you use other spells with it.
I usually use it to make myself a safe zone to cast long and punishable spells like the black serpent or the floating chaos.
You can cast two of these before it explodes assuming you have max cast speed (50 dex or 20 dex + sage ring) and it might catch opponents offguard.
If they roll too much keep using your floating chaos until they run out of stamina and gets hit, leaving them open for black flame or whatever you like :3
Interestingly the damage dealt by the delayed explosion seems to be affected by whatever buffs you have active when you CAST the spell, even if you no longer have them when the explosion goes off.

Example; If you have Lloyd's Sword Ring active, then cast Seething Chaos, and then get hit which removes your Lloyd's buff, the explosion damage will still benefit from the Lloyd's buff even though you no longer have it.