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I cam here to try to find the life rings weight, and i don't think it is stated.
The normal life rings weight is 0.3
Gotta love DS3 upgraded ring scalings, +1% for each step. DS2's Life Ring +2 gives 7% while +3 gives 12.5% and +3 gives 15%

Same for every other ring. DS2 rings were massive upgrades from previous playthroughs
Estus Ring is the actual Life Ring. With E.R., you can restore 20% more HP from Estus Flask (of course you get bigger heal with upgraded E.F.). L.R. +0 only adds 91 HP at 50 VIGOR (1300 HP * 7%). For real.
Estus ring is useless in duells though since you can't chug. Life ring would be better there.
Only 2 times. You can get it early in NG++ if you kill the Dancer right away. You literally only have to kill 4 boss in NG++: Iudex Gundyr, Dancer, Oceiros, and finally Champ Gundyr.
I found the Life Ring +2 in NG+, how does this happen?
that is because +2 is in NG+ and +3 is in NG++