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Wish they brought back the holding style for katanas from demons soul. Holding it upright like ds1-3 just looks awkwards i like i held downwards like a samurai
Black Blade x Uchig what is best?
Prefer uchigatana but washing pole is best of the katana class
Black blade is shorter than and atom.
Washing pole doesn't combo.
Darkdrift and bloodlust don't have the katana weapon art, though Bloodlust has a high enough AR to make up for it.
Chaos Blade and frayed blade are the best ones.
That is, if you don't want to get bored to death from spamming running attacks from Washing Pole.
At SL 71, 24 Dex, 10 Str, with leo ring, flynn's ring, hunter's ring and +10 Sharp infused uchigatana; my backstep+R1 counterattacks have done from 620 damage (unbuffed) up to 812 damage (charcoal pine resin) on other players.

Only ~358 AR. And people never expect backsteps in DS3. At that level, most people don't invest enough in Vigor, and the properly timed backstep+R1 easily ends a fight or at the least puts you at a drastic health advantage. I'll probably experiment with the chaos blade to see if I can get up to 900 or more counterattack damage.

Not sure if katana counterattacks are broken or if it has to do with headshots/attack placement, but it's a very underrated move at the moment.
No one uses them cause they have no I-frames and phantom range makes sure you never know if you'll be able to actually dodge their hits. It's a good way to get hit unless your opponent has super good internet.
After the bleed nerf this weapon is useless in PVE for bleed
It hink it's still viable for bleed, as I like to use Carthus rogue in pve
Its a hard item to acquire, therefore it is a reward item!

I just started my first ever playthrough on DS3 and opted for the uchi. Its tough to use but very fun!

It makes the rotting greatwood a bit easier with its 2 handed slashes, recommend for this fight
it's hard to aquire but much harder to unleash its full potencial. if you have no idea about the game mechanics you can end up with a mediocre weapon at best when other players will do double the damage you do on the same sl.
"tough to use" lel
Is still weapon any good anymore? I want to do a Katana only build, but torn between this or Black Blade.

Any suggestions? ;)
I use this weapon with sharp infusion and DMB buff. 40 dex and 50 faith. Dont know if it is optimal but its my favorite katana and i have no problems winning duels.
This katana would be my recommendation because it uses far less stamina than the black blade. At 35 endurance you can get off like six or seven swings with uchi but only five on black blade
Pick Class Mercenary and you can use very early.
Uchi +7, infused it with chaos. An it's getting B B scaling in int and faith, something changed.
Just got the uchigatana, but i dont have the required attributes. Can someone tell me what the requirements are? Thank you
11 strength and 16 dexterity. You can look at it in game, the little arm symbol means strength and the hand symbol means dex.