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You know what would be cool if the weapon art was replaced with the buffed version when Raime goes super swordsman and you get fire and dark buffs added on and a charged RH2 would be like when he slowly swings it(that thing was almost always instakill) but it would be faster and you would have the flames around the sword……what do you guys think is this a good idea or garbage like me lel
That's actually a pretty badass idea
at least its a buff
still the best UGS in both pve and pvp regardless of the nerf.
I prefer the Cathedral Knigth Greatsword
No pro but the openings created between each strike seem to be too great from my experience and L2 rather useless.
This is one of the UGS with the lowest damage probably. And ffs it weighs a ***** ton. The only reason to use it now is becuz of its awesome looks, but nothing else.
Meme Ultra-greatsword
It's the "Executioner Sword". It's unique form is pretty famous in animes and videogames. Jecht for example in Final Fantasy X uses a similar weapon but there are lot more that you cannot even say it's a reference to something anymore.
I think the executioner's greatsword is more of an executioner sword
this thing needs a buff for sure. The insane weight isnt nearly matched by its damage or WA. sad.....
people say this thing sucks, disagree, I love this bad boy buff it with lightning blade currently I get 711 AR and if I land a Charged R2 dear god good luck surviving
wtf people say this sucks now?
at 50 str 10 dex it has 604 ar 2hand while while the greatsword has 540 ar at the same stats or 621 at 40/40

thats 604 at 50/10 vs 621 at 40/40, you save 20 levels for the fume and get a bigger sword that blocks on its stomp, and the extra 5.5 weight is nothing

you can also buff it
stop crying smh
"thats 604 at 50/10 vs 621 at 40/40, you save 20 levels for the fume and get a bigger sword that blocks on its stomp"

Save 20 levels? That's a quality build, how are you saving levels when that build can use anything vs 50 STR with 10 dex? You're nerfing yourself. Once again another point on why quality is op. The stomp on this thing sucks lol, only dummies would get hit by it.

"and the extra 5.5 weight is nothing"
You mean other than nullifying armor absorption to carry it and for people who are keeping their VIT low for the sake of staying at meta? You can also buff any UGS that can be used on a quality build.

No, people are right. This needs a buff, for the weight it has? Unreasonable AR when you can just use Yhorms or the Great Club at 66 STR while having so much more room because of the weight difference. If they buffed this thing by 30-40 AR that would be great. It would give more people a reason to run STR builds.
So many dex apologists saying the nerf was fine. This is the heaviest weapon in the game, why doesn't it have the highest AR when on a 66 STR build? Good lord the Great Club has 9 less AR, with warcry, and weighs 12 GODDAMN units when compared to 648 AR and 25.5 units. Even Yhorms has 707 AR and weighs 6.5 units less...absolutely ridiculous FromSoft.
Buff it by 30-40 AR and it would be fine. Which means on a dedicated 66 STR build it would have 688 AR AND can be buffed. If that happened I guarantee more people will be using STR builds because of this thing. Strike damage, gigantic, buff capability, second highest physical AR when compared to Yhorms (which can't two hit combo when two handed) this thing would be put into light again.

Until then? Only way to make this thing usable is by buffing it with bundles or miracles...which any kind of STR build shouldn't be relying on. They'll nerf this thing by 70 AR but nerf the Follower Sabre by 17 AR...sigh. A-team can't do anything right.
Make the FUGS great again. Keep Raimes memory alive.
I agree, the idea that just because a weapon is a bit better than most makes it "OP" is absolutely stupid, this is a legendary DS sword the heaviest on the game and should be outstanding, they will nurf the new rapier soon and ruin it
Speaking of A-team, the overall game this time is much better than DkS2, so sacrificing a single UGS for it seems worth it. And hey, at least you can go back to DkS2, if you liked it more and everything's so great there to begin with :')
"Speaking of A-team, the overall game this time is much better than DkS2" In your opinion, sure. I DEFINITELY don't agree. DS3 is nothing but shoehorned fanservice with broken mechanics. It's literally just a worst version of DS1 with BBs engine.
That's for another discussion though. This is about A-team not knowing how to balance. Whilst B-team did.