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A broken PvP Experience. I remember during the launch summoned spears of the church running around so they can be healed by the paintng guardians, after getting their rear ends kicked by me (without any phantoms). The guardians proved more of a challenge back than, but the amazing rollspam to get healed made me frustrated so i started summoning an army of phantoms to get over this s..tstorm as soon as possible. I guess everyone started doing that so the spears started crying and from heard their cries. Oh boy right now this is even a bigger mess. Today I was summoned by a host and he had another phantom already, (actually I was by the inner city wall bonfire to help with the level not the bosses). The host took us to halflight and when the spear of the church summoned he wasnt getting stunlocked at all (ok i get that it is necessary to give him a fighting chance, it is fair) but does he also really need to take 70 damage out of 250 i usualy deal in pvp? I mean he killed the first phantom, than i had all of my estus finished, than he killed me, it was a very long fight where i hit him with spells attacks etc. a lot! And all the damage we were able to deal him was %20 of his hit point, than an almost unkillable painting guardian healed him full. My backstabs were dealing 190 damage to him. Thats insane. This thing is broken as hell right now, best way to approach this thing is doing it solo (which is also a pain as you will be ganked actually) or cheesing the real halflight by going offline. The idea of a PvP boss fight is a very good thing, and it was done quite well back in Demon Souls with the Old Monk. It worked back than becouse it was a straight up pvp experience against another player. Right now it is a mess becouse there are a lot of mechanics involved.
He's supposed to be a boss, not just a player fight. I'm surprised other gankers like you aren't *****ing.
Sounds to me like you're complaining about the damage reduction that is normally applied when you summon a phantom.
Did you think that maybe the dude you encountered geared for exactly that? To not get ganked by four phantoms? Kudos that he succeeded. Also as has been pointed out this is supposed to be boss fight after all.
"Rarely, a player can be summoned as a Spear of Church even if they have not joined the covenant yet."
Within the span of 30-40 minutes I've been summoned like 4 times. I think what triggers it is just putting your summon sign down somewhere. That's what I did after each time I was summoned to the boss fight and then I frequently get summoned.
Make Haste...
Finding it hard to identify the gender and pale skin, it's safe to say that Halflight could be an Astoran or Irithyllian who tends to the reversal ring.
I really had a lot of trouble with this fight until i tried using friede's scythe with the farron ring. Then i just spammed the first weapon art on the guardian and halflight, the fight ended in less than 5 minutes.
what kind of armor does he have on?
He has the Antiqued Plain Garb and the Violet Wrappings
What is the name of his 'mistress'? We accidentally kill both her and the world.
Church Guardians are weak more to lightning than to fire.
You can easily kill this boss with FUGS by charging L2 till he falls, then right when ur stamina is starting to regen starts charging L2 again
Just fought him and he was swapping his weapons a breakneck speed, about a swap every .5 seconds or something. Don't know what caused it but there is no god anymore, we killed them all in Dark Souls 1.