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Look at all these casuls, needing the help of others to defeat easy bosses.
Look at this sad individual who has no one to play this amazing game with.
Can anyone assist me in the final boss fight. Im on pc
Have you beaten him yet?


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Add me on 360 malec sunfury
Add me on 360 xXSagaNexusXx for jolly coop
Can anyone between SL 85 and 125 who has A Knight's Honor trophy help me out?
It's the last trophy I need and it frustrates me to bits XD

I need the following weapons:

Dragonbone Fist
Dragonslayer Spear
Great lord Greatsword
Greatshield of Artorias
Greatsword of Artorias (Dark, think I got light, but both if you have them)
Smough's Hammer
Tin Darkmoon Catalyst

Black Knight Greataxe
Channeler's Trident
Silver Knight Spear
Silver Knight Straight Sword
Stone Greatshield

My PSN: PostalDudeNL - Please add me!
Git gud
Got gud
wait so if im lvl 1 i can only be summoned by other lvl 1s? wth
if you're lvl 1 you can be summoned by anyone up to lvl 12.
lame asf either way how many ppl gun be lvl 1-12
Sen's Fortress and beyond! SL 40 need someone play through the rest of the game with! Xbox One/360 (cause of backwards compatibility?) HTK xXSniperXx
I keep trying to use this but nothing happens when I click calculate
It used to work. Someone dun goofed.
Yes, but what's the limit for summoning someone with a different level?
I hope this is fixed soon
Calculator isn't working. I keep clicking calculate and the Simon ranges won't show.