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Worst boss in souls series, in my opinion. (All ringed city bosses are a massive letdown, except Gael, that one was epic.) His attacks hit all over the place, ( Very inconsistent. I died to his bite attack numerous times, while his head was nowhere near me.) At 27 Vig softcapped most of his attacks take about 50% hp each, not to mention the dark laser attack is pretty much one hit kill even with dark stoneplate ring equipped. (Sometimes he does his 2nd phase attacks right from the get go, dunno if that is intentional or just oversight.) The camera can be a bit wonky in places, altough it is not much of a problem. (Finally dragon boss with decent camera, Yay!) Overall, it looks like From went full * with this one though. The fight boils down to running around or dodging his attacks for half a minute, praying that you dont make a single mistake or he one shoots you and when you finally get close to his head you can land ONE attack, then back again at running. (I used Artorias GS, and trying to hit him even twice with light attack is very dangerous as he usually hits you during the second attack.) Chipping away at his massive hp pool for half an hour or more is no fun, just a stupid chore. Overall, unless you really want his soul for transposition and the slab from shira, dont bother. Sinh and Calameet were both executed much better. This is the only boss for me that really felt like it was fake difficulty.



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Agreed. Really the absolute worst. It's nearly impossible to hit him with my sorcerer, since you can only lock the head which moves around all the time, his attacks are way too powerful, like almost everything hits for 1k, not to mention the hitboxes of his attacks are ridiculous.

And don't get me started about the pathetic damage he takes. Whoever designed this one is a complete moron.
Your problem seems to be 27 vigor. It is a very difficult boss but actually you can see all his attacks. People that do no hit runs dont have as much problem on midir as on the other dlc 2 bosses because all his attack are easy easy to read
My only complaint is his HP. Gael too. It's just boring, hit and hit and hit hit hit. I wanna play something else halfway.
Gael does has a large healthpool, but its balanced out by being a completely fair fight. Gael's moves aren't overly difficult to dodge and there's a fair amount of openings to attack him. A fight with Gael lasts like 5 minutes max if you're not being overly passive.
vig softcaps at 50 not 27
I can't even find this mother*****er. "He will be waiting for you in his boss room". Amazing. Now where the ***** would that even be?!
The location its right there. Above the text you just quote:

Darkeater Midir is found in The Ringed City: After opening the shortcut near the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire in The Ringed City, head down the lift and hop out the door to your left half way down the lift. Head left and open the illusory wall to the right of the ember laying here. Go down the ladder into the shrine area and drop down the hole behind the altar.
Is it me or when you die at this boss, you do it quickly. As a phantom I was so many times at the point of beating the boss with persilent mercury but the fight ends instantly with the host dead. On other bosses, I was able so many times to finish the boss after the host died but not here. :))
Here are my thoughts on Midir:

Midir is a damn good boss fight, easily in my top 10 or 20.

Midir is by almost no means an unfair fight. His healthpool and defenses are appropriate and there not an abundance. People who complain about the camera are fighting Midir from under him, which is what this boss fight is meant to teach the player. It's pretty obvious that Midir is meant to be fought from the front. The game teaches you to do this by making it clear that being under him is a bad idea (halved damage, the fire breath attacks, and hardly seeing them coming). Once you're in front of him, you'll be doing twice as much damage (to the face) and you can actually see his attacks coming, which aren't very difficult to telegraph.

Midir does have flaws that keep him out of the top 5. Yes, there's quite a bit of running around and trying to catch up to him. Yes, there's a small amount of room for error given his huge damage. His damage is just a LITTLE bit too much, but I don't think it's a big problem (other than the laser attacks and MAYBE the tail attack. Tail is pretty easily telegraphed). Yes, there are a few questionable hitboxes from him and whiffs from you, although this isn't a major flaw. There may be one or two minor camera shenanigans even when in front of him, but this is a problem all third-person games share, and the souls series is no stranger to this.

My advice to anyone struggling: Always stay in front, be patient and learn where your openings are, and you'll be able to telegraph his attacks much more quickly than being under him. Only times you shouldn't be in front are when he does his downward flame > laser attack in phase 1 and his bigass laser attack in phase 2.

Also try not to summon. If you must, no more than one.
It's sad that this comment has dislikes, it's the most accurate way to describe the boss especially talking about fighting him from the front focusing only on the head, spending time attacking anything else is pointless and it's causing people to bad mouth the boss for camera issues and not enough damage when it's your own fault.
Pretty much anything lightly controversial in dark souls gets disliked or hated on by a good majority of the community, so I'm not surprised. If they wanna spend hours and hours under Midir and getting flamed on countless times, then they are free to do so.
"His healthpool and defenses are appropriate and there not an abundance."
Come again? I don't remember Sinh, or Kalameet or even Sinh being this tanky. How are they appropriate? This DLC followed the Bloodborne trope of giving bosses wild defenses and HP pool for difficulty. Don't try and be an apologist. Every boss in this DLC is exceptionally tanky for that one purpose, Midir just happens to be the tankiest and does the most damage.
Trivia: I'm pretty sure his dragon breath is a tribute to toho studios' Shin Godzilla Resurrection. Godzilla's atomic breath and Midir's fire breath to laser are way too similar
So the final boss of all souls games is running back and forth across a cave over and over?

This has to be the worst boss fight in the series for me. There's nothing fun or skill based about chasing a dragon across a massive cave over and over and over, hoping to get in 1 or 2 attacks before getting hitboxed by something you can't even see.
Kinda how most bosses were for me in dark souls 1 lmao
"So the final boss of all souls games is running back and forth across a cave over and over?" wow, you fight slave knight gael in a cave?!?!?!!
Midir's attacks seem to have a kind of "Wild Calamity" effect, that multiplies the damage of every attack he hits with by a random number between 2 and 12 (most often between 6 and 8). This results in consistently high damage, with an occasional outlier where the same attack does hardly any damage, or sometimes scores a OHK on a character with 99 VIT and full health.

Has anyone tried wearing a Calamity Ring in this fight, to see if it overrides Midir's Wild Calamity effect with its own?
And the answer is... NO it does not. The Calamity Ring only guarantees death in one hit (as usual).
If it wasn't for all running and flying around he likes to do forcing you to play catch up before he tries to laser nuke you I would totally love everything about this boss fight.
Use a dragon slayer great bow with dragon slayer great arrows. and phantoms.
Extremely bad strategy. If you summon me and do this I'll bc out. Why? Because since you keep hitting him with arrows, he keeps focusing on you, and thus not let us hit him. K
I was expecting to die a sh!t load of times like I did the first time I flight the nameless king. Midir was tough but once I figured his move set and patterns he's not that hard. Midir is the hardest hitting boss in the game so I understand that he can get really frustrating, but if you can make him miss you can make him pay!