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What happens to our body when we press traingle then we press L2
Rose of ariandel will hit me and 20% of my blood will lose ...then a lighting will be active in my armor
It's a damage buff to all miracles
This weapon is so good man, won 10 matches in a row! psn: PowerPowder if ya wanna know how I use it!
So sad I didn't get this....would've been perfect for my sexy slave cosplay I had going on...


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I honestly hope you die for the cancer that has been said in this comment. "sexy slave cosplay" DIE


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I agree with Patches.
Is this good enough to be a primary melee weapon for PvP on 60 faith character? Personally, I'm a little skeptical of how useful it might be as an actual weapon in the arena.
No. This weapon is entirely about the weapon art, which boosts miracles by 25% for about 2 minutes.
It's the miracle's equivalent to steady chant but on crack.
With this buff miracles are the hardest hitting school of magic in DS3.

A Sunlight Straight Sword +5 hits way harder than this and is buffable, making it hit ~thrice as hard when buffed.
However the Rose cannot be parried, but cannot riposte. Just dont use it offensively.
Disagree it can be use as a weapon since it is a Weapon/catalyst. It not being able to riposte is not a drawback, using it and a talisman is very good. Sunlight Straight Sword can't combo like Rose of Ariandel and Demon's Scar can with spell.
Yes. Use it. It cannot be parried, but it wasn't always that way, so people will spend their time flailing their shield at you while you smack them for around 700HP over three hits. Not to mention if you went Faith/Luck, bleed stacking is quite nice.

When they put their parry item away, bring out your main course. Just use this to teach them a lesson in humility. Teaches the parry fanboys who's boss.


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Yes you can use it, but the AR will be low. Its main usage is the WA to boost Miracles. Flail and then switch to Yorshka's for highest magic damage at 60 Faith.
At 40 faith the spell buff is 179 not 189
If you use the weapon art on your left hand, the spell buff applies to catalysts on the right hand?
You can use the weapon art and unequip, so just use the buff and swap for your beast catalyst



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Just a word of warning for duelers out there, people WILL rush you and kill you while your doing your weapon art. For some reason this flail not only awakens your miracles but also awakens the rise of the Scum. (See what I did there)
Can you give this back to Ariandel in NG+? Because he asks you to bring him his flail iirc.


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Nope, sorry.
Shouldn't this say that is is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC?