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Who you calling pin head?
ringed knight mask
black dress
black gauntlets
black leggings
reaper weapon
corvian scythe
I always try and play an archer whenever possible, and though the leather armor set looks fine, I never cared much for the gloves and the glossy texture of the set. So below is what I'm currently using on my Huntsman character, its kind of a drab brown save for the red on the Old Sorcerer Coat but I feel its appropriate for a hunter to have a bit of camouflage.

Forest Hunter:
- Pharis' Hat
- Old Sorcerer Coat
- Jailer Gloves
- Leather Boots
Firekeeper Guardian:
Lorian's Helm
Morne's Armor
Firekeeper Wrap
Dragonscale Leggings
Lothrall Deserter:
- Thrall Hood
- Lothric Knight Armor
- Havel's Gauntlets
- Deserter Trousers
Forlorn Ninja:
-Thief Mask
-Worker Garb
-Fire Keeper Gloves
-Ordained Trousers
-Any Katana
I don't have a name:
-Knight Helm
-Fire Keeper Robe
-Fire Keeper Gloves
-Lothric Knight Leggings

I also use the Lothric Knight Shield, and the Lothric Knight Long Spear.
-Steel Soldier Helm
-Assassin Armor
-Worker Gloves
-Assassin Trousers
-Sniper Crossbow or Avelyn
-Bandits Knife or any other dagger.

Voila, Wehrmacht soldier cosplay.
The Forgotten Noble
-fallen knight helm
-northern armor
-drake blood gauntlets
-iron leggings
-OPTIONAL: yhorms shield/ any shiny metallic weapon