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I'd have to do more testing with a similar strength weapon to be sure, but I think these take bonus damage from the Wolf Knight's Greatsword.
Has anyone noticed that one variant of these guys have a VERY similar haircut to that of The Nameless King?
Went to the same barber. Next lore theory.
"Ghast Warriors are armed with claymores" first time reading this I thought about the expolsive. To much call of duters
U wot, 1v1 me u scrub, I'll rek u - 360 ghast spellcaster

Forgot the xXxpu$$yslayer420xXx tag
You can actually just pull out a torch to see them all clearly...
Man anyone else wish you could infuse your weapon to have magical effects like there explosion claymore attack? I think it would be awesome
The Yorhska's Spear item description says these dudes secretly still pray to Yorshka even after being enslaved by the Pontiff. FOR THE LOVE OF GWYN, I'M YOUR ALLY, YOU ASS-HATS.
They make the same noise when they die as zombies from Medievil.
you know how many times I walked right into their daggers because I thought their glowing white eyes were just snowflakes