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I've killed multiple bosses and probably collected 50,000 souls - I just found out you can run by accidentally seeing someone else run...
how the hall you grip Two hand on Left weapon ffs i know you can but idk how
hold down two-hand button
is there a way to use the mouse as the a control?
How do I run
Left stick and hold B
Move forward and hold b
Put one foot in front of the other. Do this really fast.
hold space bar
how do i apply a buff
How do I break my enemy's defense? (DS1 Xbox 360)
What is the L3 Button for (R3 = Target lock/release)? If L3 is not used at all, I will put a "macro" on it (pc version)...
I have encountered a bug(?) where some of my controls have been switched (sticks with directional buttons out-of-menu, sticks with bumpers in-menu). The controls in key bindings still read as they used to and playing with them/resetting to default will not fix the problem. It is not an issue with the controller, as it is working just fine with other games. Does anyone have any fixes? I have gotten no useful help anywhere else.
How to open the menu if you dont have an end button?
Wheres Xbox