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I feel like Fromsoftware got it right in Bloodborne\Dark Souls 2. This is a weapon made for warriors who want to do magic damage with their melee weapon, not mages. It always looks so silly in the hands of someone with wizard attire.


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It has B scaling with intellect, it can't be helped but be a wizard weapon. It's great for pvp wizards.
If you want a greatsword for a "spellsword" build, go with the Greatsword of Judgement. It's much closer to the feel of the Bloodborne Holy Moonlight Sword, in my opinion. Though I respect the fact that it's good for pure intelligence builds to have access to a good weapon. Much like the Crucifix of the Mad King is basically made for pure faith builds.
It was a mainly arcane weapon in Bloodborne too. Like, yeah it also needed some strength to truly make it great but it was still mostly arcane.
This weapon really destroys black knights and man serpents when it is at +4. Except the larger man serpents it does a little bit of damage.
This weapon should have done full magic damage with a S scaling in intelligence at +5, A scaling at least
Personally, I hate fighting this weapon. Sure, give a Poising monster to a mage. They're already annoying enough to fight given they can just sit back and fire Great Heavy Soul Arrow every 2 seconds, but why not give them a high damage weapon to counter the only method of hitting them with light attacks? Great Idea! Seriously heavy weapons in general in DS3 are broken, purely cause Instantaneous rolling after attacks.
you do realize how long two seconds is, right? like, there's this thing that you can do with your legs, it's called walking forward, and then you use those arm things, and stab them, like yeah, it's annoying, but mages are kind of*****. just stab them. they'll die. usually really quickly too.
Do you even get hit by Great Heavy Soul Arrow? Seriously?
that thing takes really long to cast, moves slowly, bad tracking, small hitbox. Not to mention casters are super squishy and i get stunned in a 3 hit combo in pvp so easily that it's almost sad.
I try my best to mix up spells with Crystal Hoaming Soulmass, Crystal Hail and tons of other stuff only for a melee character roll 2 times and then spam R1 and kill me because i can't parry them because stun/i was holding the scholar's candlestick.
My only successful invasions so far have been either firing crystal soul spear while someone is distracted with mobs/another invader or sniping with Binoculars + Soul Stream.
Magic in duels, pyromancy aside, seems more like being lucky than anything else.
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And this weapon right here is one of the many, many reasons I hate Int builds.
Why has this still not got an S scaling for INT
Funny... Crystal infused Astora Knight Greatsword has better scaling for INT than this.
Uhh 1) You're comparing a greatsword to UGS, I'd think they want to keep the UGS class stronger 2) which it isn't anyway... the magic AR at 60 int is 441 MLGS vs 387 Astora, thanks to MLGS' massive base. Astora still has a higher AR, but it's more split. 3) At 99 int, the impractical stat level that no one takes outside of gimmick builds, Astora gets!...426 magic AR. Not even enough to match 60 int MLGS. And MLGS itself maxes out to 477 AR. Like sure, take the weapon whose move set fits you better, but AR does so many unpredictable things that bashing MLGS over a letter grade -- that isn't even accurate to its final AR relative to other weapons -- is making bad judgements on poor information. I don't even think I've seen anyone who knows about Crystal Dagger meta.
I think it has something to do with the lore
Because it's not the actual moonlight greatsword, it's just an imitation probably "Oceiros, the Consumed King, was infatuated with the search for moonlight, but in the end, it never revealed itself to him."
643 AR on 60 INT, not bad for a mage build. Keep crying saying its not suitable for mages.
On what drugs are you on exactly ? It gets 572 AR at 60 int,not 643.I don' think that magick clutch ring even boosts it that much.
Ahh, the best and coolest choice for mages.


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Coolest? Nah. The sword is ugly for Fashion Souls. Aquamarine Dagger's laser sabre and FGS' intimidating stance during WA are better. The best? Also debatable.
Actually I just scoured Crystal weapons with MugenMonkey and MLGS literally gets better scaling than all but about five weapons, all UGS or equivalent weight class. And against those five, MLGS still has the much greater magic AR even up to 99 int due to its massive base. Lothric Greatsword et al still have higher AR, but due to that pesky split damage that's everyone's favorite complaint against elemental infusions. MLGS at 60 int gets +203 from int. Crystal Longsword's higher letter grade gets +193 at 99 int. And that's before the MLGS base of 238. Bandwagon AR/scaling meta discussion is bupkiss.


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While this is of course a great, if not must-have option for all 60 int magic characters, and they can all use it to great effect...I kind of feel like the optimal style of using this weapon is less a caster and more a magic knight. Once you get 60 int, investing remaining points into physicality like vitality, endurance, and life allows someone to don heavier armors and just be all around more physical in order to take advantage of the hyper armor inherent in all Greatswords. Get just enough FP to maybe get a spell or two, or even none at all, and forgo spell damage boosting rings for physicality and you can really take advantage of this beastly magic sword.