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"Fixed a bug where the amount of healing received from the miracle “Lifehunt Scythe” would always be dependant on the Faith value of the weapon equipped in the right hand slot." Patch 1.13
This game continues to surprise me.
I want to know what is the meta level ?
somewhere between 120-150 depending on what you want to do. i recomend going 130 to be able to pvp with all people in this range
Patch 1.13: With 45int/45fth using Caitha's Chime +10, miracle rings, dark clutch ring, and blindfold mask, I can hit the jobbers outside firelink for 1187 damage and it heals 150 per target hit. That means every 4 targets hit is equivalent to one chug of +10 estus.


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Updated page to reflect change found in patch 1.13. I included some numbers to serve as an example of the change. Yorshka's chime maxed out with 60 faith will steal 215 health from each opponent struck. Hitting four opponent with the chime causes this spell to have a heal to fp ratio of 34.4 h/FP, which means that Lifehunt Scythe can achieve the best healing ratio in the game under correct circumstances.
Use sunless talisman's poise buff with this spell and u can get a good trade on all the running katana poke weebs
use with with unfaltering prayer to trade blows without much health loss.
Since the recent patch, a very useful miracle, especially as a spear of the church.
+5 sunless talisman and 45/45 int/fth did 633 damage in an undead match
You think this spell can replace lightning counterparts?
With a dark build maybe, pure Faith then no.
Remember when this was a weapon? Yeah, I miss those good old days...
Corvian Great Scythe in DS3
Dark Souls 3 - Lifehunt scythe miracle but still no Priscilla-tan covenant...

*Jumps off cliff*