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if this is one of the better infusions. Like Dark it fits a magic/melee character, since it scales with all stats. Not being able to infuse your weapon is a bummer, but the damage seems to be pretty good.

40/40 Int/Fth seems like a good idea, a long with balanced Str/Dex (depending on the weapon).
As far as i know every gem can drop from some normal enemies. Does anybody know from which this drops?
I snagged one of these from the pontif knights
You can try Ghru Clerics in smoldering lake
Tested on Smouldering Ghru just outside Old King Antechamer. Wearing Symbol of Avarice, +1 Gold Serpent Ring and Crystal Rapier with both Rusted coins used.

Got 2 out a total of 53 attempts.
The coins cancel eachother. If you use the 100 bonus coin it'll cancel the 50 and vice versa.
For a pyromancer build, is it better than the carthus flame weapon? Because of the scaling loss in str/dex maybe the spell is more usefull
My pyro has 12 str/9 dex/40 int/40 fth, and I used a chaos infused hand axe as my melee weapon. At +10 it gets C/D/B/B scaling, and it will hit for pretty good damage on most targets. I could do a raw infusion with carthus flame arc for more damage, but the damage differential is not that significant, and it means I have to spend an attunement slot on it, spend focus casting it, and worry about reapplying it mid-battle.

Other weapons will get different scaling benefits with the infusion though, so it may depend on the particular kind of weapon you want to use. If you have invested points into str/dex as well, then it might be better to use the weapon buff to keep you str and dex damage scaling, so long as you don't mind using the attunement slot and focus to cast it.
... has an AR of 579.
Its scaling is:

(Sorry, accidentally hit "Submit" before I was done).
While using a spell to buff a weapon potentially does more damage, the need to continue re-applying the buff & the drain on FP makes me prefer elemental infusion. My Pyromancer currently has:
STR: 26 DEX: 26 INT: 50 FTH: 40
and my Chaos Carthus [Curved] Greatsword +10 has an AR of
Carthus Curved Greatsword, Murakumo, & Astora Greatsword all get A/A scaling in INT/FTH when upgraded to +10 & infused with either Chaos or Dark. I'm sure there are others that scale that well with those infusions, but those 3 weapons I know do for sure.
carry a non infused weapon for buffing, and one that's chaos infused. Both options are pretty devastating for every enemy.


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Chaos Onikiri is a fantastic option with a B/B for I/F
this infusion is only good for build who both have hight int/faith but all those builds are crapp,having like only 60 faith and buffing your weapon is miles better
Bull. Int/Faith builds are excellent. My Pyro Knight Hybrid with an Astora chaos infused is BEAST.
Infusions are also weapon dependent. Some weapons benefit more than others.

For my dedicated pyromancer (12 str/9 dex/40 int/40 fth) I use a chaos infused hand axe as my melee weapon. At +10 it has C/D/B/B scaling, and light attacks hit most targets in the 300-450 range. I could instead go for a raw infusion (since low str and dex) and buff it with carthus flame arc for more damage, but I find that the damage from the chaos infused axe is already sufficient in comparison, and I don't have to waste an attunement slot on the buff nor worry about spending focus on it and reapplying it mid-battle.

Part of the reason I choose this way is also because carthus flame arc is a weaker weapon buff compared to the others, so the damage differential is minimized. I tried to do the same thing on my cleric caster build, which uses a mace, but the raw mace plus lightning blade (60 fth) did so much more damage than the lightning infused mace that I was willing to spend an attunement slot on the weapon buff.

So I wouldn't write it off completely, although from my experience you tend to get better damage by using the weapon buffs.
Overall having an infused weapon vs a buffed weapon does less damage. However, for invasions I prefer it. The reason being that when you buff, you have a max of 1 min before you have to rebuff. ALso if you are a cheeky bastard like me and run around with dueling charms your buff is useless.
I played through the PS4 version 3 times without using a single buff and had mostly strength and dex filled. On my Xbox One playthrough i've went intelligence and faith and infused a few weapons and i'm doing more damage on a SL125 character than my PS4 SL 180 build.
Does this out-scale fire gems?
Big time
Yes. Fire gems don't scale at all, actually. As a result, at some point (I think it's 25/25) chaos gems out damage fire gems.
Really, chaos gems are only useful for a character plannong on focusing on something like hexes or pyromancies
It out scales at 30/30
For a Pyromancer, Chaos and Dark infusions are very handy, and best, obviously if you just buff your weapon with Carthus Flame you will deal more damage, but using Chaos or Dark infusions come very handy, you don't need to use a slot for Carthus Flame Arc, you don't have to rebuff your weapon everytime, you don't spend time buffing your weapon(and specially in PvP and boss fights you may not have time to do buff), you don't need FP to buff your weapon.

Also many weapons have really good scaling with Chaos or Dark infusions(both infusions always have same scaling):
A/A scaling for Carthus Curved Greatsword, Astora Greatsword, Murakumo, Great Corvian Scythe, etc.
B/B scaling for Carthus Curved Sword, Zweihander, Dark Sword, Claymore, Gotthard Twinswords, Greatsword, Cathedral Knight Greatsword, Lothric Knight Greatsword, Exile Greatsword, Onikiri and Ubadachi, etc.

These are just some examples there is a lot more good weapon with A/A or B/B scaling, and a few "meta" weapons with C/C scaling. As a note, if you know any weapon that scales S with Lightning or Crystal, this means it will have A/A for Chaos or Dark, if it has A instead of S then it will be B/B, and etc.
It's A/A On the Zweihandler
Its A/A dark on the Drakeblood Greatsword
Also new DLC weapon Follower Sabre(which is very OP) has B/B scaling
Has a C/C scaling
Scaling depends on upgrade level.
for pvp dark gem is way better since people have less defense against it. Fire and lightning defense is so common
Not really. Depends on the build. Chaos gem is currently the only gem that can be infused on a weapon to preform a one shot backstab in PvP.
Unless they're rocking the ethereal oak shield. Chaos weapons tear through that bad boy!
backstabs and riposts ignore flat defense
The Crystal Lizard with this is near the DEMON KING'S ANTECHAMBER bonfire!