sick game. can't wait for dlc and pvp.


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great game i cant wait for new weapons-good times;)
I can not wait for the dlc to come out but I'm highly wary about pvp. My main concern is about those using living weapon builds and other cheesy tactics like kusarigama attacks from the back.
Living weapon has been nerfed to***** since release.
Look at the second screenshot. Female transformations confirmed!
Except that is prob young masamune, not a girl. I do wanna be that ninja girl though
How do I access the dlc or at least get the nodatchi pre nobunaga fight?
the dlc takes place after the main game ends
Have to say, for a first dlc this was decent although the last boss was not my favorite kind of boss, it definitely was interesting. can't wait for the second dlc now.
Great page, I love how it doesn't list the actual content of the DLC. Fextra*****seal of quality.
i dont understand why fextralife is so bad with every game thats not a soulsborne game lol
Merhaba dlc ler oyun bittikten sonra mı açılır mesela seasson pass gibi