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Trial sets look pretty good
Trial sets are trash. If you already have gear from MOL there is no need for them. You already have Aegis AND its easier to give it to others.. TRASH
These sets arent that bad glad to see the devs trying to break the chain of meta builds and add diversity
A prosperous set of cowards gear would be good for farming , you just need to look outside your box for the benefits. lol
Badass! ive been wanting a set like war maiden for my magicka Nightblade
War maiden on a mag templar DPS...
It synergizes best with a NB toolkit.
Why are people saying these sets are crap? I will be replacing at LEAST one set on all my Characters (7) with some of these sets.. im not even going to give you the insight to know what and how.. #youcantthink
War maiden + soul shine magplar dps!
I feel bad for anyone who can't see how good these sets are... I think people are waiting for a set that make them gods at the game. Listen if you relying solely on your set to survive then you suck. Get good.
Of course no set will make you a god, but a good set is one of the first steps to becoming good at the game.
Thank you God of Internet for dispensing your wisdom to us mere mortals.
Some of these sets.... are straight fire. Some not so much... definitely can see war maiden being used as well as Defiler(Great with stam NB or StamDKs), Wizard's Riposte(It's pretty decent due to anyone who crits you now does less damage and I could see it being used by people with greater understanding of the game than I), Coward's Gear(Stamina NB Ganker could use this), Shacklebreaker(Hybrids could use this), & Impregnable Armor(Resistance to Criticals? If you can't figure out why that's good watch a youtube video or something maybe the content creators can help you understand how useful that is in pvp) . I'm a noob at this game tbh but I can at least understand that these sets will have there place in pvp & pve.